hanoi & ha long bay

alright, it's about time I started blogging our time in southeast asia. four months is WAY too long to cover in a single blog post...in fact, one month is way too long to cover in a single blog post, so I've decided to share the trip one region/city at a time, starting with northern vietnam. here goes! hanoi was one of our favorite cities of the entire trip; it's managed to maintain an incredible authenticity, even as it continues to progress in the world. it is also full to the brim of scooters, to the point that I came home convinced I need a vespa to survive.

highlights: streetside pho, the temple of literature, vietnamese coffee, disappearing into the busy streets & traveling to ha long bay


from hanoi, we headed over to ha long bay, one of the famous sites I was most looking forward to on this trip. it was cold, foggy and wet, with limited visibility (SO difficult to photograph), and just absolutely incredible. we slept on a boat in the bay, kayaked through the limestone cliffs, and spent a night on cat ba island with an incredible view of the harbor. I'm not sure if this is one of the spots we will return to, but it was definitely a highlight.