Unplug Your Big Day

Unplugged weddings (where guests are asked to attend without a phone, camera, iPad, etc.) are becoming more and more popular, and my couples regularly ask my thoughts on this decision. 

While I generally tell my clients to listen to their hearts regarding each detail of their day, I admit that I do my best to make the case for an unplugged wedding. This is based solely on the challenges that I have faced over the past five years of shooting weddings wherein I find myself fighting with iPads and giant cameras and an army of phones all hanging out into the aisle so they can get a shot of the beautiful couple.

This means that I am ducking low or shooting from the side or, worst of all, asking a guest to move their device mid-ceremony so that I don't miss the moments that are most important (or that those moments are not obscured by a device that I can promise you is less attractive than you two, you beautiful humans!). The prospect of missing a key shot is the most terrifying thing to your wedding photographer.  

Nothing makes me feel like a jerk like asking someone to move THEIR PHONE in the middle of your wedding vows.

Photographer gymnastics aside, there is something more sentimental that I would like to speak to. As a complete sap who tears up at the site of my couples making their vows to one another, it breaks my silly, tender heart when I see guests looking at their screens in lieu of witnessing the beauty that is unfolding in front of them. After the time and dollars and love that you and your family put into planning this day, my hope is that all those in attendance are able to be present for the reason that you all have come together: your commitment to one another. 

So whether it's having your officiant ask guests to keep phones and cameras in their bags during their ceremony, or posting a massive (stunningly hand-lettered, of course) sign at the top of your aisle, I encourage you to ask your guests to drop their devices, focus their lovely eyes up front and join you in celebrating your love. 

Or not. I'm keeping up with my yoga in the off season so I'm ready to limbo my way up the aisle if needed!