"I don't have a perfect body - are you sure you can get good photos of me?"

I don't either! As a curvy woman who hates cardio and loves everything with cheese, I deal with my own set of "flaws" every day, even as I work to love them. As a result, I am incredibly aware of the best angles for each person and how to find poses that work for YOUR body.  You can trust me to see the most beautiful sides of you through my lens!

"What should I wear??"

Once your session is booked, I will work with you to find the right pieces for you, and even make suggestions for hair and makeup! I'm here to help from day one.

"I'm not engaged, married or in a serious relationship - why would I get boudoir photos done now?"

For YOU. Celebrate your beauty, confidence and where you are in your life at this exact moment. I love being the one to immortalize women's strength and beauty, and want to capture yours.


I believe we all have a story to tell. I am here to tell yours, to tell of the battles you have fought, of your scars and your triumphs and everything that has led you to become the fierce creature you are today. I am here to create an environment of trust and comfort that allows you to be vulnerable, and allows me to create a physical expression of YOUR inner strength. I want you to feel seen, truly seen, for everything you are beneath your skin. 

 "Vulnerability is not weakness; it's our greatest measure of courage." 

                                        -Brene Brown