Mentor Session Info

Thank you for signing up for your first mentor session, and welcome to the magical world of film! During your one hour session, we will be covering the following:

-metering (please bring YOUR meter so we can focus on getting you comfortable with it)

-different film stocks (we will focus on the three you choose below)

-pushing/pulling film

-basic functions of the Contax 645 film camera

-how to submit your film to a pro lab!

Please fill out the form below so I can best prepare for your session, and email me with any questions!

Name *
Please provide a link to a blog post (by yourself or another photographer) that best emulates the look you are hoping to achieve with film
Film Stocks *
Which THREE film stocks would you like to focus on during your session? I will be providing these for you!
Please specify which pro lab you plan on using for scanning & development