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Brandon Fugal’s Net Worth Biography and life history

Brandon Fugal is popular because of different things. First, he owns the Skinwalker Ranch, and thanks to the History Channel that investigates his ranch, Brandon Fugal gained popularity. Aside from that, Brandon is also known for being a businessman and a real-estate developer. Brandon’s net worth in 2024 is $450 million, and this post shares more details about who Brandon Fugal is and how he has accumulated his wealth.

Who is Brandon Fugal?

Brandon is best described as a real estate investor and the owner of Colliers International. He is also a venture capitalist and a businessman. Brandon was born on April 1, 1973, in the United States. Brandon grew up in a humble family with his three siblings.

As for education, Brandon Fugal attended Pleasant Grove High School before joining Utah Valley University. Brandon grew up in Utah, and even as a young man, he was passionate about real estate and was determined to secure better things in life.

Brandon was ambitious, and even before graduating from high school, he had started a small business. The small business he had selling computer software gave him a taste of entrepreneurship. He was eager to scale in life and become a reputable businessman, and this drive pushed his dream forward in the following years.

Understanding Brandon Fugal’s Career

Brandon grew to where he is gradually. He started working as the vice president of Utah Reality Group in 1994. He held the role for two years, and in mid-1996, he moved to CBC, becoming their Advisors chairman. He held the role for about two decades.

In 2013, Brandon served as the chairman of Coldwell Banker Commercial. By 2016, Brandon was ready to pursue another career, and after CBC, he co-founded The Cypher Corporation with a partner. In 2020, Zenerchi LLC hired Brandon as its strategic advisor.

Brandon held various roles in various organizations. At the same time, he co-founded the Texas Growth Fund IIIC and remains a member to this day.

Brandon Fugal’s Net Worth

So far, we’ve seen that Brandon was involved in different careers that helped grow his entrepreneurial skills while making him money. However, this section digs deeper into the specific ventures that have made Brandon worth $450 million.

Brandon is an active real estate investor. Over the years, he has made lucrative deals that have earned him admirable returns. Besides, Brandon owns Colliers International, a real estate firm. The firm is highly rated, and its great success means more revenue for Brandon.

Brandon has successfully built his reputation as a broker, and his efforts in his company have greatly helped close more deals and rake in more revenue for the firm. Moreover, Brandon is the owner of the Skinwalker Ranch. The ranch has controversies that have prompted investigations, bringing Brandon more wealth.

The legendary history behind the ranch even opened the opportunity to create a History Channel with remarkable viewers. Brandon also owns an automobile collection, a private jet, and a helicopter. His investments justify his $450 million net worth.