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Meet Geoffrey Galitzine – Nicholas Galitzine’s Father

Parents play a vital role in a person’s upbringing and sometimes are the pillars in growing one’s career and success. For Geoffrey Galitzine, he is widely known for being the father of actor Nicholas Galitzine. At one point, his son shared that his father encouraged him to take the bold step and enter the audition room. Thanks to his words, Nicholas auditioned and got his first role, opening up an acting career in his life. Well, stick around as we share more details about who Geoffrey Galitzine is.

Biography of Geoffrey Galitzine

The Galitzine name was selected by Geoffrey Galitzine’s father. Geoffrey is the father of Nicholas Galitzine, and he is English. His birth date and personal details are unknown, and his son has taken the limelight.

Nonetheless, Geoffrey Galitzine worked in finance in London but later co-founded Smash & Grab Glass Recycling Ltd. The company aimed to improve the recycling of Glass and targeted hotels, clubs, restaurants, and pubs.

Personal Life

Geoffrey Galitzine is not a public figure, and many details about his life remain unknown. No information about his childhood, educational background, and other personal details is available online. Besides, he isn’t active on socials, where we could gather more updates about him.

As for Geoffrey’s relationship status, he married Lora Konstantina Papayanni. His wife is of Greek descent, and the couple has two children. Nicholas Galitzine is the son, while Lexi Galitzine is the daughter.

His son is an actor, and his daughter is an actress known for roles in films such as After Louise (2019) and My Dinner with Herve (2018).

Geoffrey Galitzine’s Role in His Son’s Career

Nicholas Galitzine was unsure of what step to take after graduation. However, he was advised to try auditioning, and although he was skeptical about it, his father reassured him to proceed.

In an interview, Nicholas talked about how when he went for the interview, he stood outside, called his father, and told him that he felt he couldn’t do it. According to Nicholas, there were other professionals in the auditions, making him feel out of place.

However, his father encouraged him that he should fear and to trust in his abilities. After the reassurance, Nicholas entered the auditions and got one main role. It was this audition that opened more opportunities for his career as scouting agents came knocking with different deals.

Who is Geoffrey Galitzine’s Son?

Geoffrey is the proud father of Nicholas Galitzine. His son is an English actor whose popularity is after he played in the Purple Hearts (2022) romantic film. You will also find him in the Bottoms (2023) comedy film.

However, Nicholas started his career in 2011, and although he didn’t hit the limelight like he did in 2022, he still managed to get lead roles in his previous films. For instance, in 2015, he appeared in the Legends series. His reputation over the years has put his family in the limelight, and that’s how people became curious to know more about his father.