5-Qualities-to-Look-Out-for-in-a-Lawyer 5-Qualities-to-Look-Out-for-in-a-Lawyer

5 Qualities to Look Out for in a Lawyer

If you have an issue that needs to be sorted out legally, then finding a good attorney is essential. The right attorney could have a positive effect on your case.

But with so many attorneys, how can you decide who is right for your particular case? It may not always be immediately obvious. Hence, knowing the kind of qualities to look out for in a good lawyer is quite important.

In this article, we’ll discuss five key qualities that can help you find a great lawyer. These tips can give you an idea of how a lawyer might represent your case. Click here to know more about choosing the right lawyer for your needs.

Strong Communication Skills

Good lawyers are great communicators. They should be able to:

  • Explain clearly the difficult concepts in law
  • Listen well to understand your matter in detail
  • Speak clearly in court and during negotiations
  • Argue and present views convincingly

Check how well the attorney explains things to you when you meet.

Do they use words you understand?

Do they take their time answering your questions?

A good attorney will put you at ease and answer your queries clearly. They’ll be very clear, especially when discussing whether they’re offering to work for a hourly fee or on a contingency fee arrangement.

Experience in Your Type of Case

Every field of law differs in its rules and challenges. A lawyer experienced in taking on cases like yours will know:

  • The strategies that work best for your case
  • The common pitfalls to avoid
  • What normally happens at the hands of judges and other lawyers with similar cases

Ask potential attorneys how much experience they have with cases similar to yours.

How many similar cases have they handled?

What was the outcome?

Experienced lawyers will have enough cases with a positive outcome. This is an important quality to consider.

Problem-Solving Skills

Legal issues are complex. Good lawyers tend to be creative problem solvers who can do the following:

  • Think outside the box to find a solution
  • Identify the potential problems before they become actual issues

During your initial consultation, describe your situation, and then ask the lawyer how they would approach your particular case. The answer will tell you how they think — whether the lawyer is a creative problem solver.

Strong Work Ethics


Successful cases need a lot of work. Look for an attorney who:

  • Will put in long hours when necessary
  • Pays close attention to detail
  • Meets deadlines on time
  • Updates you on progress regarding your case regularly

You can tell if an attorney has a good work ethic by discussing the typical workload and how the lawyer handles it. The attorney who works hard will more likely give your case the attention it deserves.

Empathy and Compassion

Legal matters can be stressful and highly emotional. A good lawyer should:

  • Understand and care about your situation
  • Treat you with kindness and respect
  • Be concerned about you when explaining things
  • Demonstrate sincerity in their actions

Observe how the lawyer handles you when they first meet you.

Does the lawyer seem interested in your issues?

Do they listen to you patiently?

Having a compassionate lawyer by your side is reassuring. It allows you to rest easy, knowing that a sincere legal professional is working to uphold your rights.


This article listed five features to look for in a lawyer. Keep these qualities in mind as you seek to find the right attorney. Do not be afraid to ask questions.

Remember that you are hiring a partner who will help in deciding the outcome of your legal issue. With the right legal professional by your side, you will be better equipped to meet any challenges that may lie ahead.