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Al Sharpton’s Net Worth Biography and life history

Al Sharpton has hit the headlines for different reasons. He is a reputable politician, Minister, Presenter, and Actor. With a net worth of $500k, he is the focus of today’s post. We will talk about his early life and how he came into the limelight. All your questions about his net worth and how he earns it will be answered by the end of this post.

Early Life of Al Sharpton

Many people know Al Sharpton as an American Baptist Minister. Moreover, he is recognized for being a civil rights activist, and he is featured on TV and radio talk shows. Some consider him a controversial political activist who is vocal about injustice and prejudice in America.

Al Sharpton’s birth name is Alfred Charles Sharpton Jr. He was born in Brooklyn, New York. Al Sharpton’s birth date is October 3, 1954, and his parents are Ada and Alfred Sharpton Sr. His upbringing wasn’t the smoothest, especially since his father left the family in 1963.

His father’s disappearance caused strain as his mother was unable to support the family. Sharpton and his family qualified for welfare and relocated to a middle-class neighborhood under the public housing projects. They relocated to the Brownsville neighborhood.

Talking about his educational background, Al Sharpton attended Samuel J. Tilden High School. He then joined Brooklyn College but dropped out two years later.

Personal Life of Al Sharpton

In 1971, when Sharpton was on tour with James Brown, that’s when he met Kathy Jordan and developed a friendship. Kathy was working as a backup singer, and the two later started dating and married in 1980. However, they separated in 2004.

Ai Sharpton survived a stabbing in 1991. He was stabbed when preparing to lead a protest in Brooklyn. He was stabbed by Riccardi, who was apprehended and sentenced to 15 years in jail.

Sharpton was once jailed for 90 days for trespassing while demonstrating.

Al Sharpton’s Career

Sharpton was appointed the youth director in 1969 by Jesse Jackson. He became the director of the Operation Breadbasket organization and headed the New York City branch. The organization was geared towards creating better employment opportunities for African Americans. It was this exposure that instilled an activist drive in him.

In 1971, Sharpton took things further and established the National Youth Movement. He aimed to raise resources and funds to aid the impoverished youths. He quickly rose to fame, and by the 1980s, Sharpton was a widely recognized activist who was a voice for racial prejudice in society.

Over the years, Al Sharpton has been a voice for many people. Some of the cases he talked about include people such as Bernhard Goetz, Tayvon Martin, Tawana Brawley, etc.

In 1991, Sharpton, the National Action Network organization. The idea was to increase voter education while supporting small community businesses. Moreover, his organization focused on providing resources to the poor.

Net Worth

Al Sharpton is worth $500,000. His wealth is attributed to his role as a political activist and Minister. However, it was once revealed that he was in huge debt, but he cleared the air and said he wasn’t in a financial crisis. More on his wealth will be updated once new details emerge.