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All Information About C.W. Park USC Lawsuit

A former student of University of South California suing a professor named C.W. Park at USC. In C.W. Park USC Lawsuit, the professor sexually assaulted and discriminated against female student in the university. He specifically targets the Korean descent female students.

What is C.W. Park USC Lawsuit

Basically, In C.W. Park USC Lawsuit, there is a professor named “Choong Whan Park” at the University of Southern California A student named “Yi Youn Kim” sued a professor because of sexually assault over a 3-years period and discrimination by University of California.

Choong Whan Park face some serious charges of sexual harassment and the University of Southern California is accused because of not handling the situation properly. After C.W. Part USC Lawsuit, the people raised the important question about how education institute deals with misconduct.

C.W. Park Lawsuit against USC raised the question about serious issues in higher education like unfair treatment, retaliation, and racial bias. After this, the universities took steps against these issues and provide a fair academic environment.

What Happened with C.W. Park and USC after Lawsuit

C.W. Park last teaching semester in University of Southern California in summer 2020. He formally not announced his retirement publicly now. The C.W. Park Lawsuit is still going on and the courts decided if the professor is responsible for what he done and accused of by student, then there is hard decision by court for Choong Whan Park.

It’s depended on the proof and the arguments from both sides to solve the lawsuit. Still now, there is some time for a final decision for C.W. Park lawsuit.

Overview of C.W. Park Lawsuit on USC

The professor Choong Whan Park sued a University of California for discrimination and retaliation. He does it because USC treated him unfairly and fired from the university for speaking out. He says that USC leaders and co-workers showing racial bias. He claims that there is a racial bias in hiring and promotion at University of Southern California.

In this lawsuit, there is a sparked discussion on unfair treatment and retaliation in universities and colleges. They raised the question that if it true, then how institutes handled it or solved it. After that the universities act on it and provide safe and fair environment for everyone. It brings attention to these serious issues in higher education institutes like retaliation, racial bias, and unfair treatment in hiring and promotions.


The lawsuit against University of Southern California caused big problem for the universities and schools. They allow people to question about what these universities should do. However, the reputation of university got hurt. The former students, newspapers, and teachers raised question against universities to take responsibilities. People are worries because they think UFC didn’t handle complaints and bad behavior of his own staff well. The situation shows that universities need to do more things good to deal with discrimination and harassment. It aware that universities need to made fair rules for hiring and promotions.