Apple iPhone 14 Pro in 2024 Apple iPhone 14 Pro in 2024

Apple iPhone 14 Pro in 2024: Still worth it?

Apple iPhone 14 Pro has been around for almost two years now. A new generation of iPhones has succeeded. The model has been a resounding success, commercially and critically. But how is it faring after two years? Does it have serious competition from Android flagships or even its own kind? It’s time to revisit the iPhone 14 Pro to find the answers. 

Pros and cons of iPhone 14 Pro:

Let’s start by highlighting the strong and weak points of this phone.


  • Excellent OLED screen
  • Fast & powerful chipset
  • Improved camera
  • iOS updates are available until 2028
  • All-day adaptive battery
  • Outstanding stereo speakers
  • Cutting-edge safety features


  • Slightly heavy
  • It doesn’t come with a charger
  • Newer, more advanced models are now available

As we can see, the pluses still considerably outnumber the negatives. This means the iPhone 14 Pro has held its ground and is still a force to reckon with. Let’s discuss it in more detail to determine the reasons behind its last success.


Let’s start with the display. The iPhones have traditionally had brilliant displays, and the 14 Pro continues with that. The 6.1-inch diagonal Super Retina XDR OLED panel has pieced together everything for a fabulous viewing experience. 

Its screen resolution is 1179x2556px and the aspect ratio is 19.5:9. The screen refresh rate is an impressive 120Hz, ensuring fluid and smooth visuals. 

The best thing about the display is the adaptive brightness that can go up to a whopping 2000nits. You will not have difficulty viewing the screen’s contents under broad sunlight.

Dynamic Island:

Dynamic Island was a design novelty that debuted with the iPhone 14 series. It replaced the notch on the screen’s front with a pill-shaped cutout. It wasn’t just a cosmetic change, though. The dynamic Island also works as a mini display indicating your iPhone’s operational apps.

For example, listening to music will show a small icon or graphic on the dynamic Island indicating the same. It can display more than one icon, as the case may be. When unveiled, the dynamic Island got mixed reviews but has proved its utility with time. Users find it helpful and a convenient way to switch between apps.

Always-on display:

Apple introduced the always-on screen display in the 14-series of iPhones. It wasn’t an innovation as such because Android has been on it for years, but Apple did it for the first time, and users lapped it up instantly.

However, the always-on screen can turn dark under some conditions. If you put it in your pants pocket, for example, it will turn off. But it was good to have this feature on Apple iPhones, and it went well with users.


How can a review of any iPhone be complete without its camera? Apple has always paid special attention to iPhone cameras comparable to any professional digital camera. Users always have a gala time with iPhone cameras, and the iPhone 14 Pro is no exception.

The phone features a triple-lens rear camera setup. Its camera configuration includes a 48MP high-resolution wide lens, a 12MP ultra-wide lens, and a 12MP telephoto lens. 

To turn on the 48MP lens, you need to enable ProRaw in the camera settings. However, even without it, your images will be crisp, sharp, and authentic.

Selfie lovers will cherish the 12MP front-facing camera with brighter and better f1.9 23 mm lenses. It also supports autofocus and, surprisingly, OIS. So, people have been making videos using the front camera that appear clear and impressive.

All cameras also support 4K@60fps video recording. Cinematic Stabilization, Expanded Dynamic Range, and Dolby Vision HDR capturing are also available for all cameras under all modes. Apple also introduced the Action Mode with the iPhone 14 series. 

Like the always-on screen display, Action Mode was available with many Android phones. Users welcomed it on the iPhone, too, and it received good reviews. It saves videos in 2K resolution using action camera-type stabilization.

With impressive camera app modes & features and high-tech mechanics, the iPhone 14 Pro’s camera is superb. You will not find this camera lacking in any respect. 

Fast and powerful processor:

A robust chipset is the backbone of any smartphone, and thankfully, the iPhone 14 Pro shines in this department. The phone uses the famed A15 Bionic chip in the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max series. This chip comes with AI-powered processing capabilities and has speeds that rival laptops. 

If you are a gaming pro, you will enjoy playing your favourite game here. The chip provides ample support to play even the most graphics-intensive and heavy-duty games perfectly. This, combined with the power of 6 GB RAM, means the phone is ready for anything. You will have no issues regarding speed and execution with this phone.

Safety features:

Apple introduced some pretty cool safety features in the iPhone 14 Pro models. They include automatic crash detection and emergency calls using a Satellite navigation system.

In the first feature, the phone automatically detects an accident and sends a distress call. It uses sensors that are sensitive to heavy impacts of a certain degree and treat them as accidents. 

The second feature lets you make an SOS call where there is no network coverage by linking your phone to a communication satellite. The phone guides you to the satellite’s location and directs you to make the connection just beneath it. 

This feature has limited applicability and is only available in the North American region. Hopefully, it will have wider coverage in later generations.

Battery life:

Modern smartphones are notorious for low battery life. The use of multiple apps and display technology takes its toll on battery life. The iPhone 14 Pro takes care of it. While its battery life is by no means ideal or perfect, it is adequate. 

The adaptive battery feature optimizes its life and helps you maintain it. The battery life depends on your usage and how many apps you allow to run in the background. 

iPhone 14 Pro and new phones:

iPhone 14 Pro has been succeeded by iPhone 15 Pro, and there are other flagships, such as Samsung, Google, Xiaomi, and others. These phones offer new functions and features that the iPhone 14 Pro may lack, but they remain formidable. 

You can fully enjoy your iPhone 14 Pro in 2024. It has all the bells and whistles that will keep you happy and engaged, making it a hot contender among smartphones even today.

iPhone 14 Pro all the way:

Despite being two years old, a big period in a smartphone’s life, the iPhone 14 Pro stays strong. It has Apple’s backing regarding software support and offers users all the cutting-edge features they need. Whether you prioritize camera, storage, display, or fast performance, the iPhone 14 Pro fits the bill perfectly. Go and buy one for yourself.