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Big Boi’s Net Worth: How much is Big Boy’s Financial Worth?

Big Boi is one of the legendary Outkast duo. From southern roots to hip hop millions, Big Boi has made his own path in music. But outside of the Grammy Awards and chart-topping hits, fans want to know something more; how has Big Boi become so rich? This article talks about the factors that have contributed to the hip hop star’s net worth.

Big Boi’s Early Life and Education

Born Antwan Andre Patton in 1975, Big Boi was raised in Savannah, Georgia. He started out playing early Southern hip hop. As for education, Big Boi attended Savannah arts Academy, a performing Arts high school. Details about his formal education beyond high school are scant, but the artistic environment likely nurtured his artistic abilities. This blend of streetwise influence and artistic exposure made his signature sound.


Big Boi’s Net Worth

Big Boi has an estimated USD 30 million net worth. Below are some of the factors that have made him a successful financial entrepreneur:

Dominating the Charts with Outkast

Outkast was formed with fellow rapper Andre 3000 in the 90s and early 2000s. They infused Southern hip hop, funk, and psychedelia on six studio albums. Albums like “Aquemini” and “Stankonia” became commercial successes, topping Billboard and producing hits like B.O.B. and Ms. Jackson. Outkast also grossed money touring with the albums. Record sales, touring earnings, and potential publishing royalties from these albums certainly made Big Boi rich, though specific figures are not public.

Solo Success and Continued Collaborations

Big Boi went solo after Outkast broke up in 2007. His first album was “Sir Lucious Left Foot.” His single “The Son of Chico Dusty” debuted at number three on the Billboard 200. His later solo albums remained critically acclaimed and commercially viable. And he has worked with artists as Snoop Dogg, Skrillex, and Phantogram. These solo endeavors and collaborations have probably made Big Boi rich through album sales, touring income, and possible features fees.

Exploring Other Ventures beyond Music

Big Boi has not been limited to music. He’s gone into other ventures that made him rich. In 2014 he launched his own Clothing line “Stankonia clothing” following the commercial success of his most commercial album. Details on the line’s financial performance are unavailable. Brand endorsements and other business deals also increased his net worth.

The Future of Big Boi’s Wealth

Big Boi still makes music at age 49. He still releases solo music, works with others, and performs live. All these ongoing endeavors should see his net worth grow over time.


Big Boi has a net worth because of a long and successful music career. From his reign at the top with Outkast to his solo career and various ventures, Big Boi has built a solid financial foundation. Passion for the craft combined with potential business ventures and speculative financial management has brought him considerable success in an ever-changing field of music.