Carrot Top: Networth and Life of a Comedic Red Hair Icon

From his humble beginnings in Cocoa, Florida, to his rise to stardom on shows like “The Tonight Show,” explore how Carrot Top carved out a unique niche in the comedy world. Discover the sources of his wealth, including his residency at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas, and gain insight into his personal life, including his relationship with longtime girlfriend Amanda Hogan. Join us as we uncover the secrets behind Carrot Top’s success and enduring popularity.

Early Life

Carrot Top, born Scott Thompson on February 25, 1965, in Rockledge, Florida, grew up in Cocoa. His father, a NASA engineer, instilled in him a love for science and innovation. Carrot Top attended Cocoa High School, where his comedic journey began. Despite playing drums in the school bands, his red hair earned him the nickname “Carrot Top.” He later enrolled at Florida Atlantic University, where he discovered his passion for stand-up comedy. Early gigs at college campuses across the US laid the foundation for his future success as a comedian.


Carrot Top’s career skyrocketed after appearances on “The Tonight Show” in the 90s. Known for his unique blend of prop-based humor, he secured a residency at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas, performing six nights a week. His comedic prowess led to roles in films like “Scrubs” and “Reno 911!,” further cementing his status as a comedic icon. Despite initial skepticism, Carrot Top’s innovative approach to comedy has garnered him widespread acclaim, making him one of the most recognizable and successful comedians in the industry.

Net Worth

Carrot Top has amassed a net worth of $70 million, primarily from his lucrative career in comedy. His residency at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas, coupled with appearances in films and television shows, has contributed significantly to his wealth. Additionally, investments in real estate, including properties in Central Florida and Las Vegas, have bolstered his financial portfolio. Carrot Top’s innovative approach to comedy and entrepreneurial endeavors have solidified his status as one of the wealthiest comedians in the entertainment industry.


Carrot Top’s father, a NASA engineer, played a significant role in shaping his early life. Growing up in a household influenced by science and innovation, Carrot Top developed a curiosity and passion for comedy. While not much is known about his family beyond his father’s profession, their support likely played a crucial role in his journey to becoming a successful comedian.


Carrot Top has been in a long-term relationship with Amanda Hogan since 2014. Despite never being married or having children, Hogan has been a supportive partner throughout Carrot Top’s career. As an event planner and business owner, she shares Carrot Top’s entrepreneurial spirit and likely contributes to their shared success. While Carrot Top keeps his personal life relatively private, his relationship with Hogan appears to be a source of stability and support in his life.


Carrot Top’s journey from a college campus comedian to a multimillionaire entertainer is a testament to his talent, innovation, and perseverance. With a net worth of $70 million, he has solidified his place as one of the most successful comedians in the industry. From his residency in Las Vegas to his appearances in films and television shows, Carrot Top continues to captivate audiences with his unique brand of humor. As he navigates through life with his supportive partner Amanda Hogan by his side, Carrot Top’s legacy as a comedic icon remains unmatched in the world of entertainment.