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Charlotte Corden: Celebrity Daughter of James Corden and Julia Carey

Charlotte Corden is a celebrity kid. She is mostly known as the daughter of James Corden and former actress, Julia Carey. This article will provide every information that you need to know about the celebrity kid.


Charlotte Corden was born on 12 Dec, 2017, in the United Kingdom to James Corden and Julia Carey. She has two siblings; Max and Carey.



There’s no information available regarding Charlotte’s education. However, if we are to consider her age, she should probably be in elementary school now.


Charlotte Corden is still too young to have a career of her own. Her parents her still responsible for taking care of her now.

Her Father, James Corden

Born 1978, James Kimberley Corden is from London, England. Details of his education are private but his theatrical gifts developed early. At the Jackie Palmer Stage School a young Corden discovered performance.

Corden started playing on British stages. He created and starred in the sitcom Gavin and Stacey, which established his comedic reputation in the UK. His skills soon reached the Atlantic. In 2015 he launched “The Late Late Show with James Corden,” which introduced a new generation to his comedic timing and charm. Viral segments like “Carpool Karaoke” helped make Corden a household name in the US.

Corden has other experience besides television. He’s done films like “The Prom” and voiced animated features. And he played on the stage in musicals like “Cats.”

Years in entertainment have netted James Corden around USD 70 million.

Corden and producer Julia Carey have three children. He keeps his family life relatively private but has spoken candidly about juggling a demanding career with fatherhood.

James Corden has gone from British comedy stages to late-night television stardom. Corden still acts, sings and cracks jokes.

Her Mother, Julia Carey

Julia Carey isn’t a household name herself but is the wife of actor and comedian James Corden. She and her celebrity husband have kept things relatively private.

Details on Julia’s upbringing and education are scarce. Her hometown, family and early life are not publicly known.

Before meeting James Corden, Julia reportedly worked for Save the Children. It’s unclear if she continued this work after their relationship began.

Since Julia’s career details are unknown, her individual net worth is unclear. But James Corden has made a fortune acting, hosting and producing. Together they are thought to have tens of millions in net worth.

Julia met James Corden in 2009 through mutual friend Dominic Cooper. They married 3 years later in 2012 and have a family. The couple have three children: son Max, and daughters Carey and Charlotte.

Julia supported James throughout his career, James has publicly acknowledged this. In accepting the 2012 Tony Award, he said Julia helped him succeed. The couple maintains a private life – they rarely attend events apart and avoid social media.

Julia Carey’s life story is a mix of privacy and public connection. She stays out of the limelight but supports James Corden and their family life.