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Everything About Draven Duncan, Tim Duncan’s Son with Ex-Wife

Like many celebrity children, Draven Duncan has enjoyed the limelight, appearing in public events alongside his father. The young lad is growing up to be an intelligent man, following in his father’s footsteps.

While Draven is a celebrity child, his parents have worked hard to ensure the young man, alongside his siblings live a life away from the cameras, and public eyes. Draven is recognized for having his father’s looks and expressions, but little is known about his education, career or net worth.

Who are Draven Duncan’s Parents?

Draven’s parents are Amy Sherill and Draven Duncan. The duo divorced in 2013 after more than a decade of marriage, but the separation has not prevented Draven and his siblings from enjoying their parents’ love.

Draven’s parents shared a strong bond, which was visible from Sherill’s presence in all the games that the NBA star played. Unfortunately, in 2013, things took a different turn when Draven’s mother was accused of infidelity.

Draven’s parents have maintained a better relationship to ensure their two children enjoy a good bond. Even after the divorce in 2014, Draven was seen accompanying his father during Father’s Day celebrations.

Before the divorce settlement, Amy was the vice-president of the Tim Duncan foundation. Amy’s husband created the foundation to fund non-profit organizations dealing with health awareness and research.


How Much Did Draven Duncan’s Mother Get for Divorce Settlement

Tim Duncan’s divorce with ex-wife Amy was one of the talks of social media. The divorce case was presented, and many people wondered why the duo quit after a decade of blessings with two children.

According to some reports, Amy Sheril was having an affair with her trainer. While Amy might have started infidelity in her marriage, she revealed that Tim Duncan, the NBA star, was bisexual and was having relationships with different men.

Despite the bisexual allegations, Tim Duncan has never talked about them nor confirmed it. But as of 2017, Tim was dating his longtime girlfriend, whom he shares with a baby. Moreover, the bisexual allegations died after the divorce settlement.

Some reports indicate that Amy received a settlement of $100 million after the divorce, but the details regarding the settlement have never been shared on social media.

What is Draven Duncan’s Net Worth?

Draven Duncan is a young man who has yet to start a career. However, he enjoys a lavish lifestyle, thanks to his father’s wealth.

Tim Duncan, Draven’s father, was one of the NBA players who won many titles. Additionally, he is a basketball coach, earning millions of dollars from his career. In 2024, the basketball coach is estimated to have a net worth of $130 million, as stated by celebrity net worth.

In 2015, Draven’s father made headlines when he sued his investment advisor over losses of up to $20 million. In 2016, the advisor was indicated of wire fraud related to the 2015 case. The advisor pled guilty in 2017, and they reached an agreement in June 2018. According to their agreement, Duncan received $7.5 million as a settlement.