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French Montana’s Net Worth: How Rich is French Montana?

French Montana is a popular name in the world of hip hop. But how wealthy is he? Find out about this and more in this article.

Early Life and Education

Born Karim Kharbouch in 1984 in Rabat, Morocco, French Montana grew up multiracial. He spent the first thirteen years of his life in Morocco, playing soccer and music. In 1996 his family moved to the South Bronx in New York City. That caused some difficulty because French Montana spoke only Arabic and French. But he settled in the Bronx and learned hip-hop quickly.

Although there is little information about his formal schooling, the streets were his classroom where he learned to rap and hustled to support his family.

Net Worth

French Montana is estimated to worth around USD 22 million. This impressive figure reflects a prolific musical career filled with catchy hooks, clever wordplay and hard work.


Factors That Contribute to French Montana’s Net Worth

Find out what launched him to financial success below.

Mixtape Mania: Building a Buzz

French Montana began his musical journey in the early 2000s with his mixtape series Cocaine City. These self-released mixtapes with rising stars like Max B showcased his lyrical chops and streetwise outlook. Distributed independently and online, these mixtapes developed an underground following and made French Montana a name for himself on the New York mixtape scene. Although mixtapes themselves do not generate much direct income, the buzz around them helped French Montana land a record deal and get the attention of industry heavyweights.

Record Deal Riches & Charting Success

In 2011, French Montana recorded under a joint venture record deal with Maybach Music Group and Bad Boy Records. With this deal he got the money and distribution to make his music mainstream. He released his first studio album Excuse My French (2013) which debuted at No 4 on the Billboard 200. Later albums such as “Mac and Cheese IV: The Complete Collection.” Reloaded “(2016) and” Jungle Rules “(2017) proved his commercial success. Their popularity certainly generated significant revenue for French Montana through album sales, streaming royalties and potential touring income.

Hit Singles and Streaming Domination

French Montana has had numerous hit singles outside of albums. Songs including “Pop That” with Rick Ross, Drake and Lil Wayne and “All the Way Up” with Nicki Minaj generated huge streaming revenue and radio play royalties. Streaming today makes successful singles extremely lucrative, and French Montana has consistently delivered hits that people like.

Collaborations and Features: Expanding the Reach

French Montana’s collaborative spirit also has helped him financially. He has had his work featured on many other artists’ tracks. Such features may be charged, and they should provide him with some income beyond his solo work.

How to Build the Coke Boys Empire: Beyond Music

French Montana isn’t just a rapper. A savvy businessman. His own record label, Coke Boys Records, was named for his early mixtape series. The label has signed several rising artists, adding another financial stake in French Montana’s portfolio.