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Joyce Dewitt’s Net Worth, Biography, and Career

Are you curious to know how much Joyce Dewitt is worth? Joyce Dewitt is an American actress who appeared in different films. Her popularity is thanks to her appearing in 171 episodes in the “Three Company” role in its eight seasons. Joyce has also been involved in other films, helping her to grow her wealth to date. Even in her old age, we are curious to learn more about her, and in this post, we’ve shared everything about her biography, career, and net worth. Take a look!

Biography of Joyce Dewitt

Joyce Dewitt is an American woman who was born on April 23, 1949, in Wheeling, West Virginia. She is the daughter of Paul and Norma Dewitt. She grew up in Indianapolis and has two descents: Italian, courtesy of her mother, and Dutch, courtesy of her father.

Joyce grew up with a hustling mindset. She took up a side job at a Motor Speedway ticket office while studying at Speedway Senior High School. Although she wasn’t sure what her future had in store, Joyce found her passion in acting when competing in speech and debate events during high school.

She first appeared on stage at age 13, and the moment was so remarkable for her that she immediately enjoyed it and vowed to pursue it further. After high school, Joyce joined Ball State University, where she secured her degree in theater.

With her degree, she moved to California, hoping to grow her career. While at it, she secured her master’s degree in 1974 from the University of California. Before her career boomed, she worked as a secretary to pay her bills.

Joyce Dewitt’s Career

Let’s understand how Joyce found a career breakthrough. As mentioned earlier, Joyce Dewitt started her career at age 13 when she first appeared on stage in theater. Although she didn’t eventually take up acting as a career, it was after she earned her master’s that she decided to pursue acting fully.

Her first appearance was in the Baretta series, but her career breakthrough occurred after she joined the “Three Company” in 1977. The series was a hit, and her role in 181 episodes across eight seasons was enough to push her into the limelight.

Joyce also appeared in the “Finder of Lost Loves” before quitting acting for a few years and resuming in 1991. She proceeded to appear in different films and guest-starred in various shows, such as “Living Single.” She is also in TV shows such as “Hope Island.”

Joyce Dewitt’s Net Worth

Joyce attributes her wealth to her acting career, especially in the “Three Company” series. She was earning an average of $30,000 per episode before her increase. From these earnings and her involvement in other films and TV shows, Joyce accumulated a net worth of $4 million.

She is currently old and no longer actively involved in acting, but her time in the industry bore fruits she enjoys in her old age.