Long Span Shelving: Why You Need It For Your Storage Long Span Shelving: Why You Need It For Your Storage

Long Span Shelving: Why You Need It For Your Storage

Are you sick of your warehouse shelving solution? Does it simply not make the grade? Does it not hold or protect your goods in the way that it should? If so, then perhaps it’s time to definitely consider a long span shelving solution. Designed for optimised safety and configuration, this is the ideal solution for storing hand-loaded goods and products in factories, stockrooms, warehouses and workshops!

But why is that? What is it about this solution that makes it so perfect for each of these locations?

Let’s find out below:

1.It is easily configurable

The best long span shelving Melbourne has is easily configurable. It can be easily-adjusted to fit your location’s spatial needs whilst allowing you to easily scale your configuration up and down depending on the size of your operation. For small stockrooms and workshops, you can easily configure a small solution into the corner and this will easily hold your products.

For large factories and warehouses, you will have absolutely no trouble configuring your solution to match your exact stockist needs. You can enlist the assistance of an expert to ensure that the configuration is designed exactly as your operation requires.

What’s more, they are highly adjustable, ensuring that you can change your configuration whenever you need. This is perfect for businesses experiencing sudden growth and who need a solution that is going to work for them and not against them!

2.It is incredibly strong

These solutions are made to be incredibly strong. After all, they have to be as safe as possible to protect your team and your products, so they are always designed to the highest safety standards and manufactured with the toughest materials. For example, you can pick up high quality steel long span shelf levels and extra tough melamine shelf levels.

What’s more, storing your items in these solutions is a great way to protect them from pests, moisture and any other unwanted elements that could invade your goods or products. With this level of toughness and product protection, it’s no wonder why companies across Australia choose this extra tough solution for their requirements.

3.You can choose from a trusted supplier

It is imperative to choose this solution from the most trusted supplier. Thankfully, Melbourne has companies that provide the highest quality long span solutions in the industry. They not only have long span shelving, but also top quality pallet racking, drive-in racking, a-frame racking and more.

The ability to create an ongoing relationship with your shelving provider is an ultimate benefit of factory or warehouse operation. They will help you configure the perfect system for your needs and provide ongoing advice for when your operation needs to scale up with a solution that accommodates your company growth.

4.It’s simply perfect for your storage needs

If you need the ultimate storage solution that is designed to protect you, your team and your products, then there is no going past this solution. Designed for ultimate strength and versatility, this is a solution that aims to provide optimised protection and for this reason it is a favourite amongst Australian business owners. You have many options at your disposal and you can choose a design that perfectly fits your business needs.

So, if you’re looking for a solution that is going to optimise your storage efficiency and safety, then we think this one might be perfect for you!