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Marlon Wayans Net Worth: How Much is the Actor’s Salary?

Marlon Wayans is an iconic actor, comedian, producer, and director with a vast net worth. The American comedian’s net worth stands at an estimated $40 million thanks to his dedication to the various careers in the entrainment industry.

Marlon gained the limelight as a member of the Wayans comedy family, where he collaborates with his brother, Shawn Wayans. The comedian has established his acting and writing skills, contributing to his sizeable net worth.

Early Life and Career

Marlon was born on July 23, 1972, in New York City. Marlon was the youngest in a family of ten children, and they spent their life in New York City housing projects.

Marlon started working at an early age. By eleven years, he was working in a pizza shop. The comedian and actor joined Howard University after high school, but he dropped out to pursue a career in acting.

The talented comedian rose to fame in the 1990s. At this time, he was working on projects alongside his brothers. The Wayans Bros and Living Color were among the first series that Marlon featured from 1992 to 1995.

In The Wayans Bros, Marlon was the show’s star and a co-writer. In the following years, Marlon featured in numerous films, one of the most notable being the Scary Movie franchise.

Marlon’s career was booming. He co-wrote and starred in Scary Movie before he acted in Dungeons & Dragons and Requiem for a Dream. In 2000, Marlon was a host of a video music award. Moreover, he won the BET Comedy Award for Outstanding Writing.

Marlon’s career has been taking a better shift over the years. In 2017, NBC awarded the actor and comedian a sitcom named after his first name. The sitcom Marlon ran for two seasons before it was canceled in 2018.

Is Marlon Wayans Married?

Marlon is a proud father but has not revealed his current marital status. The comedian married his ex-wife Angela Zackery in 2005. The couple met in the 1990s, and they started dating in 1992.

At the time of their wedding, the couple had welcomed two children. Amil Zackery Wayans was born in 2000, while Shawn Howell Wayans was born in 2002.

Despite the couple welcoming children, the couple had differences, resulting in the dissolution of their marriage. The divorce was finalized in 2013.

Marlon’s Ventures and Investments

Despite Marlon’s humor, he is a dedicated investor. He is known for various ventures that have increased his net worth.

Marlon is known for investing in comedy platforms and streaming services. Moreover, the comedian launched a clothing line, making his presence known in the fashion industry. He has also received brand endorsements, which contribute to his net worth.

In 2016, Marlon sold his Sherman Oaks home for 1.5 million dollars. The actor had bought the house in 2006 for $1.525 million, meaning he sold it at a slight loss. The comedian might have other properties, but that has not yet been confirmed.