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Mykhailo Farmiga: Father of Taissa Farmiga and Vera Farmiga

Mikhail Farmiga may not be as popular as his daughters, Taissa and Vera Farmiga, but his daughters being in the spotlight has sort of made him popular. This article delves into his career, background, family life, and more.

Career and Background

By profession Mykhailo is a computer systems analyst. Such technical understanding likely provided a foundation for his family. His Ukrainian heritage completes the Farmiga story. Some sources claim he met his wife Laryssa at a World War II displaced persons camp, indicating a life shaped by global events.

Family Life

Together Mykhailo and Laryssa have seven children: The eldest, Vera, is a successful actress like Taissa. They also have Nadia, Laryssa (named after her mother), Victor, Alexander, and Stephen. Such a large family clearly teaches strong family values to the Farmigas.


Supporting Stardom

Mykhailo himself is largely out of the spotlight but has helped his daughters become actors. Taissa says she attended public school until the fourth grade before being homeschooled. Possibly this was inspired by Mykhailo and Laryssa, who let their children act while still being educated.

But Mykhailo Farmiga is more than just a celebrity dad. Computer expert, Ukrainian immigrant, and patriarch of a large, successful family. While he may not want the spotlight for himself, his backing and support certainly have helped his daughters Vera and Taissa Farmiga break into acting.

His Youngest Daughter, Taissa Farmiga

The youngest of seven siblings born to Ukrainian immigrants, Taissa Farmiga did not initially consider acting. Unlike her sister Vera who was already popular, Taissa’s path took a turn when at age 15 she was cast in Vera’s directorial debut. After fourth grade, Taissa’s early life afforded her flexibility in her career.

This surprising debut in “Higher Ground” (2011) launched Taissa into horror. That year she landed the lead role on “American Horror Story’s first season,” making her scream queen status official. The series lasted for several seasons and Taissa showed she can work in different horror settings. She has acted beyond horror, appearing in “The Bling Ring” (2013) and “What They Had” (2018). Next up are the miniseries “Gilded Age” and the horror film the Nun 2.

No one knows her net worth but Taissa’s acting career certainly has bolstered her finances. She keeps her personal life out of the spotlight and little is known about her romantic relationships.

Taissa Farmiga went from a poor upbringing to an acclaimed actress. Taissa has a big presence and a growing filmography that goes beyond horror.

His Second Daughter, Vera Farmiga

Vera Farmiga was born in 1973 to Ukrainian immigrant parents. Details about her early education are private, but acting drew her to Syracuse University’s School of Performing Arts.

Farmiga began acting and then moved to film with “Return to Paradise” in 1998. Following supporting parts, she made her breakthrough with “Down to the Bone” (2004) to critical acclaim and an Academy Award nomination for “Up in the Air” (2009). She followed up chilling horror roles in “The Conjuring” franchise with dramatic turns in “Bates Motel” (2013) – 2017.

We do not have details regarding her exact net worth but Vera Farmiga’s successful career has helped secure her finances. Personal life is kept private but she is dedicated to her craft and to her son from a second marriage.