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Navy Talia Nash’s Net Worth, Career, Family and Bio

Navy Talia Nash is a celebrity kid who enjoys the limelight, thanks to her celebrity parents. Navy’s parents have had excellent careers in the music industry, and it seems the young lady is continuing with the family legacy.

Nivea released a song in 2022 where she collaborated with her daughter, although she never revealed which part Navy sang. It seems Nivea is grooming her daughter to take the stage and continue with the family legacy.

Who is Navy Talia Nash?

Talia is one of the celebrity kids who enjoys the limelight, thanks to her parents’ career. Navy was born on May 10, 2005, in Atlanta, Georgia, to her parents, The Dream and Nivea B. Hamilton.

Navy opened a new chapter for her newly wedded parents, but she did not live to see her parents stick together for long. Despite the separation of Navy’s parents, they remain great friends who have made great efforts to care for their children.

Although Navy is a celebrity child, she has maintained a low profile. Because of the high privacy she observes, it has been challenging to tell what the young lady is up to. Considering her age, she may be focused on her studies.


Navy is the eldest in her family, and she enjoys her bond with her siblings. Although she is the only girl of The Dream and Nivea, she has twin brothers, London and Christian Nash, born on April 19, 2006.

Talia has six other half-siblings from her father’s side and one half-sibling from her mother’s relationship with Lil Wayne. Navy maintains a close relationship with her siblings, showing a large blended family.

Why Did Navy Tali’s Parents Divorce?

Navy’s parents dated for half a year before they walked down the aisle and married in December 2004. Nivea and The Dream started their relationship on a high note, and barely a year later, they welcomed their daughter.

Unfortunately, despite the duo having no huge differences, The Dream opted for a divorce. The singer and producer revealed that the divorce was better than being bitter towards his first wife, Nivea. The singer revealed that he lacked the experience of growing up in a family, which meant he did not know what it took to maintain a relationship besides love.

Later, Talis’s mother revealed that the divorce was not mutual, but she agreed because The Dream wanted it. The R&B singer added that despite not agreeing on the divorce, it happened, and she was dealing with it.

After the divorce, Navy’s mother reunited with her ex-boyfriend, and they wedded in 2009. The duo welcomed their son Neal Carter.

On the other hand, Talia’s father has had relationships with many different women after his first divorce. However, according to Wikipedia, he is currently married to LaLonne Martinez. The Dream and Martinez walked down the aisle on July 3, 2014, and have been together since then. The duo has four children.

Navy Talia Nash’s Net Wort

Navy is yet to begin a career, making it hard to tell her net worth. However, considering that she comes from a family cemented deep in the music industry, she must be heir to millions of dollars and other properties her parents have acquired.