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NBA Youngboy’s Net Worth: What’s His Current Net Worth?

NBA Youngboy has amassed a fortune with his numerous music releases and streaming records. But his path to wealth started many years before the chart hits.

Early Life and Education

Born Kentrell DeSean Gaulden in 1999 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, NBA Youngboy grew up in a rough situation. When YoungBoy was young, his father spent time in prison and was raised by his grandmother.

Details about his early education are scarce, but he dropped out of high school in ninth grade to study music full time. The move also ignited his creative fire. By age 14 he started recording music under the pseudonym NBA YoungBoy in tribute to his basketball idol Kobe Bryant. This began a period of prolific output that would take the music world by storm.

Net Worth

NBA Youngboy’s estimated net worth is in tens of $millions. His net worth speaks to his dedication, strategic moves and an ever-changing music industry.


Sources of His Wealth

Here are some of the factors that have helped him make money:

Streaming Domination: A Master of Algorithms

Streaming platforms like Spotify and YouTube changed the music industry and NBA Youngboy has seized on that. A very active release schedule with often multiple projects per year keeps his music new and in listeners’ ears. That strategy nets him huge revenue through streaming plays and keeps his name in the forefront of hip-hop. YoungBoy understands the algorithms of these platforms and so drops his content and music to maximize exposure and engagement.

Touring and Merchandise: Building a Loyal Fanbase

While streaming remains an important revenue stream, touring remains a crucial part of any music career. NBA Youngboy’s energetic live performances and dedicated fanbase bring sold-out shows and touring income. Also, merchandise sales from t-shirts, hoodies and other branded items add to his brand and connection with fans.

Strategic Collaborations/Brand Deals

Many established artists have worked with YoungBoy including Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj and Juice WRLD. Such partnerships expose him to new audiences – and could land him lucrative deals with major record labels or brands hoping to tap into his massive fanbase.

Artistic Control and Independent Ownership

Unlike some young artists who give away rights early on, NBA Youngboy has kept some ownership of his music. This lets him share more of the profits from his work.

Calculated Risks and Business Savvy

Music is a dynamic industry. YoungBoy has shown willingness to take calculated risks like dropping music frequently and playing different sounds. And that keeps his music fresh – and keeps him relevant in today’s hip-hop. Although details of his specific business ventures are few, YoungBoy appears to be developing a business mind that should help him in the long haul.


NBA Youngboy went from a young Baton Rouge talent to a chart-topping artist through hard work, strategic thinking and taking advantage of the digital age. A streaming platform guru who has also managed to amass a loyal following through touring and merchandise, Youngboy has established himself as a financial force in the music industry.

As he grows as an artist and a businessman, NBA Youngboy’s wealth is likely to grow as well.