Nika Soon-Shiong Career, Profession, Personal Life, & More Nika Soon-Shiong Career, Profession, Personal Life, & More

Nika Soon-Shiong Career, Profession, Personal Life, & More

Nika Soon-Shiong is the former public safety commissioner of West Hollywood. Let’s read further about Nika, her life, career, profession, family, and much more.

Short Bio

Nika was born on 26 February 1993 in the United States. She is the daughter of Patrick Soon-Shiong and Michele B. Chan. Her father is a businessman. Her mother is a former actress. She has a sibling named Luke.

She attended Marymount High School. She graduated from Stanford University with a major in international relations and a minor in creative writing. She has done masters from Stanford University in African Studies. She had done a Ph.D. from the University of Oxford.

Profession and Career

Nika started working as an activist with the Equal Foundation, an activist movement in South Africa. She worked in the office of President of the World Bank. In 2020, she founded the group Fund for Guaranteed Income and then became co-director of the Compton Pledge. In 2020, she worked with the New York Times for George Floyd Protests. She then joined the Committee to Protect Journalists Board of Directors in 2021.

In 2021, she was appointed as the Public Safety Commissioner of West Hollywood. She stepped down as commissioner in 2022 to pursue her Ph.D. at the University of Oxford.

She is an activist and journalist by profession and being a public safety commissioner, she has ensured the safety and protection of citizens against crime in the city of West Hollywood.

Love Life

As she is young and pursuing her career, she is not much interested in marriage. There is no such information regarding her love life and if it will be then she has kept it private.

Social Media Presence

She is currently active on social media platforms. She has kept her Instagram handle private from the public. By looking at her Instagram profile, it can be inferred that she is a very reserved person, loves to keep her life private, and does not like to be in the limelight always. She only works for the betterment of citizens. She is also active on X, formerly Twitter. By looking at her X profile, it can be assumed that she is a supporter of Palestine and against the war crimes happening in the Gaza Strip and Israel. She is a critical journalist who speaks facts.

Nika’s Parents

  • Nika’s Dad Patrick was born on 29 July 1952 in Port Elizabeth, Union of South Africa. He is a businessman, transplant surgeon, bioscientist, and media proprietor. He is the founder of NantWorks. He is the adjunct professor of surgery and executive director of the Wireless Health Institute at the University of California. He is also a visiting faculty at Imperial College London and Dartmouth College.
  • He has published more than 100s of scientific papers and has more than 230 issued patents in technology and medicine.
  • He attended University of Witwatersrand with a degree in medicine. He then did masters in surgery from the University of British Columbia.
  • Nika’s mother Michele was born in East London. She is a former actress and philanthropist. She is currently CEO of NantStudio. She is known for movies like Danger Bay, American Ninja 3: Blood Hunt, and MacGyver.
  • She married businessman Patrick in 1977 and they together have two children.


Nika is the proud celebrity kid and loving daughter of her parents. She loves to work for people and has worked for their betterment. She just like her parents has chosen a path or a career that makes a difference in the life of the people.