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Randy Quaid Net Worth Biography and life history

Randy Quaid is a controversial actor whose name has been associated with numerous legal issues. Despite Quaid acting for many years, his net worth has been declining, making many fans wonder how this is happening.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the actor’s net worth is -$1 million. Randy’s financial issues began many years ago when he claimed that a fraud group was working in depleting his income. The actor and his wife claimed that the group had created a trust fund in his name, and was directing his royalties to this trust fund.

However, beside the money allegations, the actor has featured in numerous films, establishing himself as one of the best television actors. He has also done voice acting, enabling him get various nominations.


Where Did Randy Quaid Grow Up?

Quaid was born on October 1, 1950 in Houston, Texas. He grew up in a family of two children, alongside a younger brother Dennis Quaid, who has made a legacy in the entertainment field as an actor.

His love for acting began at high school, where took part in plays. His passion for acting became stronger and chose to pursue acting full-time. Thus, the actor joined University of Houston and pursued a drama course.


Randy began acting while in college. His drama teacher sent him to act in The Picture Show, and that was his debut film. He had more film roles in the following years until he grew famous for his appearance in “The Last Detail.”

As a result for his performance in the film, he was nominated for an Academy Award, for Best Supporting Actor. He got more nominations for the same role, making him an established actor, hence more acting opportunities.

Quaid got more acting roles in various films like Goya’s Shoots, Cold Dog Soup, and Midnight Express. He won his first Golden Globe for appearing in a 2005 film. He would go on to appear in numerous films, making him one of the best film actors.

Besides film acting, Randy appeared in various television shows including Saturday Night Live. Personal Life

Randy is a proud father to his daughter. He married former model Ella Marie Jolly in 1980, and they stayed with each other for a few years. They divorced in 1989, but still, continued co-parenting their daughter.

The actor soon walked down the aisle with Evi Motolanez, whom he met in 1987 while in a film set.

Why is Randy Quaid Famous?

While Randy is a respected actor, he has been involved in a few scandals and controversies, spoiling his reputation. The actor alleged that there was a criminal enterprise which was siphoning his money, including royalties.

In 2009, the actor and his wife Evi were arrested for allegedly failing to pay a $10,000 bill at a Hotel in Santa Barbara. The couple was alleged to leave the hotel without paying, which led to their arrest. The actor’s wife was found guilty but his case was dropped due to lack of evidence. Moreover, the actor and his wife relocated to Vermont to seek asylum.