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Recalling Memorable Life Of Ella Botts Rice

Ella Botts Rice was the ex-wife of Howard Hughes, who barely needed an introduction. She came to be known to the media after marrying Howard Hughes, an American aerospace engineer and business magnate. So, let’s move ahead and recall the memorable life of Ella Botts Rice.

Quick Introduction

Ella Botts Rice was born on 11 July 1904 in Harris, Texas, United States. She was born to David Rice Sr. and Martha Lawson Botts. Interestingly, Ella took both of her parents’ surnames, Botts and Rice. She had eight siblings namely, Infant Male Rice, Elizabeth Randon Rice Farish, Horace Baldwin Rice, Browne Botts Rice, David Rice Jr., Frederick  Allen Rice, Jonas Shearn Rice, and Thomas Botts Rice. She was the great-niece of William Marsh Rice, an American businessman who granted his fortune to found Rice University in Houston, Texas. Sadly, he was murdered by his valet Charles F. Jones while sleeping.


There is no such information available regarding her educational background. Speaking of her ex-husband Howard, attended Fessenden School in Massachusetts in 1921. He attended math and aeronautical engineering courses at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) in Pasadena, California.


Personal Life

On June 1, 1925, she married Howard Hughes. They then moved to Los Angeles to build his career as a filmmaker. In 1929, the couple ended up in divorce. She did not have any children from him. Furthermore, Howard had dated many famous women, including Faith Domergue, Joan Crawford, Ava Gardner, and Gene Tierney. He also wanted to marry Joan Fontaine, a renowned actress and also proposed many times.

She then married her second husband James Overton Winston Jr. in 1933. In 1935, she gave birth to their first child and son, James Overton Winston III. Shockingly, her son died in 1974 at the age of 40 years. It is very hard and painful for a mother to see their young children die. However, Ella gathered courage and took part in her son’s funeral. It is not confirmed whether she was in a marriage with James until she died in 1922 or she divorced him before that.

All You Need To Know About Her Ex-Husband

Howard Robard Hughes Jr. was born on December 24, 1905, in Houston, Texas, USA. He was a multifaceted man. He was an American aerospace engineer, business magnate, film producer, investor, philanthropist, and pilot. He first gained prominence as a film producer, then as an important figure in the aviation industry. He achieved fame in Hollywood in the late 1920s for some of his big-budget and often controversial films such as The Racket (1928), Hell’s Angels (1930), and Scarface (1932). Later, Howard acquired the RKO Pictures film studio in 1948. His interest in aviation and aerospace travel, motivated him to form the Hughes Aircraft Company in 1932, hiring numerous engineers, designers, and defense contractors. He built the Hughes H-1 Racer (1935) and the gigantic H-4 Hercules (1947).

Unfortunate Death of Ella Botts Rice

Ella Botts Rice died on 23 June 1992, in Houston, Harris County, Texas, USA, aged 87. Her burial was done at Glenwood Cemetery located in Houston, Harris County, Texas, USA.


Ella Botts Rice was the ex-wife of popular American aerospace engineer, film producer, and business magnate Howard Hughes. She gained fame after marrying Howard.