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Solom Marrow’s Bio, Family, Net Worth, and Career

Solomon Marrow was a celebrity father who changed the life of rapper Ice-T. Before Solomon passed away, he was the only one that Solom knew as father and mother because his mother died when he was young.

Solom, the famed actor and rapper, had one child, who has grown to make a family legacy. Solomon was an African American who worked as a convoy belt mechanic to provide for his family.

The celebrity father ensured his only child, Ice-T, had a moderate life. It is unclear when Solom married his first wife, but they stayed together for over a decade. During their marriage, they were blessed with Ice-T, who remained the only child.

Solomon’s wife died of a heart attack when their son was in third grade. Solom became Ice-T’s only parent, and he went on to care for him for the next four years by himself, with the help of a housekeeper.

Unfortunately for Ice-T, his father also died a few years later of a heart attack. At the time of Solom’s death, Ice-T was only thirteen. As a result, he lived with a nearby aunt shortly before he joined his cousin Earl to live with them.

Solomon Marrow’s Children


Solomon Marrow was married once in his life. He walked down the aisle and welcomed his son Tracy Lauren Marrow on February 16, 1958. Solomon never had another child, as he lost his wife while his son was young.

Moreover, Solom died prematurely of a heart attack, which prevented him from having other family and children.

Who is Ice-T?

Ice-T is a famed rapper and actor who has made a name for himself in the entertainment sector. Tracy’s early life as an orphan led him to Southern Los Angeles, where he met and shared a room with his cousin Earl.

Earl was a fan of rock music, and he only listened to rock radio stations. After listening to the genre alongside his cousin, Ice-T began having an interest in heavy metal music.

He began singing in a high school singing band. After he started receiving social security benefits as a result of his father’s death, he rented a room for $90 a month. During this time, he began selling cannabis and other stuff. But the money was not enough to support his girlfriend, who was pregnant.

As a result, Ice-T joined the army to supplement his income. He served in the army for over two years and received an honorable discharge because he was a single father.

After leaving the army, Marrow began a career as a DJ. He abandoned the gang life he had began doing early, and adopted the stage name of Ice-T. While working as a DJ, he also rapped at parties. Because his rapping was getting attention, he began to pursue rapping.

However, before he became a professional rapper, he went back into criminal activities, robbing jewelry stores with his two friends. His two friends served in prison due to the activities, but Ice-T was lucky. After he was involved in an accident, he abandoned criminal activities and dived into rapping as a full-time career.