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Suicideboys Net Worth: A Deep Dive into Their Earnings and Success

In the dynamic landscape of underground rap music, the meteoric rise of Suicideboys has captured both headlines and the curiosity of fans worldwide. The duo’s gritty, hard-hitting lyrics combined with a unique sound have not only carved a niche for them in the music industry but have also amassed a considerable fortune. An exploration into Suicideboys’ net worth reveals a tale of triumph, innovation, and the lucrative payoff of unapologetic authenticity. This article aims to delve into the factors contributing to their financial success and the significance of their contributions to the music scene.

Starting with an overview of Suicideboys’ net worth, this piece will dissect the elements that have facilitated their financial achievements. Insight into the lives and minds behind the music—Scrim and Ruby da Cherry—provides a backdrop to understanding their journey. We will explore the various revenue streams that have filled their coffers, from streaming and record sales to merchandise and live performances. Furthermore, the impact and influence of Suicideboys on the music industry will be scrutinized, highlighting how their unique blend of talent and business acumen has set them apart. Through this comprehensive exploration, readers will gain a deeper appreciation for the duo’s strategic approach to their craft and commerce.


Suicideboys Net Worth: An Overview

Estimations of Suicideboys’ Net Worth in 2024

According to forecasts, the Suicideboys’ net worth is expected to be around $4 million by 2024. This estimation is supported by their consistent revenue streams and growing popularity in the music industry. The duo’s financial trajectory shows a significant increase, with anticipated revenues of $106.3K in 2024, which could vary between $102.2K and $135K.

Factors Contributing to Their Estimated $8 Million Wealth

The Suicideboys, comprising cousins Ruby da Cherry and Scrim, have diversified their income through various channels. Primarily, their wealth stems from their music career, with significant earnings from album sales, digital streaming, and live performances. Additionally, merchandise sales have played a crucial role, offering fans a variety of products from clothing to music vinyl. Ownership of their record label, G*59 Records, further supplements their income, providing a steady revenue stream and greater control over their music production and distribution.

Comparison with Previous Years’ Earnings

Over the years, the Suicideboys have seen a steady increase in their earnings. In 2023, their revenue was approximately $250.9K, with potential variations between $247.3K and $326.8K. This marked a rise from $208.3K in 2022 and a significant jump from $75.6K in 2021. The year-over-year growth highlights the duo’s expanding influence in the music industry and their ability to capitalize on their unique style and loyal fanbase.

The Duo Behind the Music: Scrim and Ruby da Cherry

Early Life and Career Beginnings of Scrim and Ruby da Cherry

  1. Scrim’s Early Influences and Challenges: Born Scott Anthony Arceneaux Jr. on April 11, 1989, in Marrero, Louisiana, Scrim was initially inspired by artists like T-Pain and Kanye West. His journey into music started with a laptop funded by selling drugs, leading to DJing at local events. Despite facing setbacks due to his tattoos, which cost him jobs, including one at a furniture store, his passion for music remained undeterred.
  2. Ruby da Cherry’s Musical Roots: Ruby da Cherry, born Aristos Norman Petrou on April 22, 1990, in Metairie, Louisiana, was introduced to music at the age of seven, starting with the violin and later the drums. His father, a Greek Cypriot and former soccer coach, influenced his early life before Ruby transitioned to music full-time after working in his father’s restaurant.

Exploration of Their Individual Net Worth and Contributions to Suicideboys

  • Scrim’s Financial and Artistic Contributions: Known for his raw and dark lyrical style, Scrim’s personal struggles with addiction and his recovery journey have deeply influenced Suicideboys’ music. His net worth, partly built through his role as a producer and artist, reflects his significant impact on the duo’s success.
  • Ruby da Cherry’s Wealth and Artistic Influence: As the slightly wealthier half of the duo, Ruby da Cherry brings a unique punk and horrorcore influence to their music. His early exposure to various music genres and his role in shaping the duo’s distinctive sound have been crucial in their rise to underground fame.

Both artists have combined their talents and shared experiences to create a unique sound that resonates with their audience, contributing to their impressive net worth and influence in the music industry.

Suicideboys’ Revenue Streams

Concerts and Tours – A significant income source

One of the primary avenues through which Suicideboys have amassed their wealth is their active touring schedule. They have graced numerous music festivals and embarked on several international tours, which have proven to be a substantial source of income. Their dynamic performances and strong fanbase attendance at events like the Woo Hah! Festival in the Netherlands and Splash! Festival in Germany underscore their global appeal and ability to draw large crowds.

Merchandise – Leveraging brand and fanbase for revenue

Suicideboys have capitalized on their brand by offering a wide range of merchandise, which includes clothing, accessories, and music vinyl. Their distinct merchandise strategy, featuring regular drops throughout the year, has significantly contributed to their net worth. This approach not only boosts their income but also strengthens their connection with fans, who eagerly anticipate each new release.

Music Streaming and Sales – Impact of digital platforms

The rise of digital music platforms like Spotify and Apple Music has enabled Suicideboys to reach a global audience. Their music, characterized by raw lyrical content and self-produced beats, has garnered significant streaming numbers. Platforms such as SoundCloud played a crucial role in their early success, helping them build a substantial underground following that continues to grow.

Collaborations, Features, and their own record label G*59 Records

Collaborating with other artists in the music industry has not only increased Suicideboys’ visibility but also added to their income. Moreover, owning their record label, G*59 Records, has provided them with an additional revenue stream. This venture allows them greater control over their music production and distribution, playing a significant role in their financial success. The label’s impact was evident in 2023, as it generated billions of streams and moved millions of albums, according to industry data.

Impact and Influence on the Music Industry

Unique Style and Sound Contributing to Financial Success

Suicideboys have carved a unique niche within the hip-hop community, largely due to their distinct sound that blends various sub-genres of rap. Their music often oscillates between melancholic tones focusing on themes like depression and suicidal ideation, and aggressive tracks featuring violence and raw emotion. This versatility has not only differentiated them from other artists but has also played a pivotal role in their financial prosperity. By addressing topics not commonly explored in mainstream hip-hop, they connect deeply with their audience, offering a form of musical therapy that resonates with listeners’ personal struggles.

Influence on Hip Hop and the ‘Emo Rap’ Niche

The duo’s impact extends beyond their financial success, significantly influencing the hip-hop genre, particularly the ’emo rap’ niche. Suicideboys’ approach to music, which incorporates elements of sadness and introspection, has paved the way for a new genre that some fans and critics refer to as ‘goth rap’ or ‘trap metal.’ Their self-produced discography, primarily by Arceneaux under his pseudonym Budd Dwyer, showcases their commitment to authenticity and creative control. This authenticity has helped them establish a cult following and has influenced emerging artists to explore more personal and taboo subjects in their music. As pioneers in this space, Suicideboys have not only changed the sound of hip-hop but have also impacted how artists and the industry approach the genre’s thematic boundaries.


Through our exploration, it’s clear that the Suicideboys’ journey is not just a tale of musical prowess, but also a strategic approach to branding and entrepreneurship within the rap industry. Their impressive net worth, estimated to reach $4 million by 2024, stands as a testament to their innovative blend of grit, talent, and business acumen. Diversifying their income through tours, merchandise, streaming platforms, and ownership of their record label, G*59 Records, they’ve adeptly harnessed every aspect of their brand to cement their financial success and broaden their impact on the music scene.

Moreover, the duo’s significant influence extends beyond their financial achievements, shaping the very contours of hip-hop and pioneering the ’emo rap’ niche. By weaving raw, introspective themes with their unique sound, Suicideboys have offered a voice to those grappling with similar struggles, fostering a profound connection with their audience. This fusion of authenticity and artistic innovation not only underpins their standing in the music industry but also underscores their role in the evolution of hip-hop, marking them as pivotal figures in the landscape of contemporary music.