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Terry Dubrow’s Net Worth, Early Life, and Career

Terry Dubrow has earned his wealth from his career as a plastic surgeon. Terry has combined his career with TV shows bringing him more reputation, which has helped solidify his career and get more clients. His time as a plastic surgeon has been lucrative as he has managed to amass a net worth of $70 million. This post digs deeper into Terry Dubrow’s life. Everything about his life, such as his career, early life, and net worth, is detailed below.

Who is Terry Dubrow?

To some households, Terry Dubrow is not a new name, especially after he started appearing in the “Botched” TV show. Terry is an American plastic surgeon who was born in Los Angeles, California, on September 14, 1958.

His parents are Laura and Alvin Dubrow. Terry is the brother of the late Kevin Dubrow. His brother was a famous singer, but he died following an overdose in 2007. Terry grew up interested in joining the medical profession.

He pursued his career at UCLA Medical School, where he graduated in 1986. He also holds a master’s degree from Yale. His education pushed him to focus on general surgery before he moved on to reconstructive surgery.

Regarding his love life, Terry is married to Paige Dubrow. He met her during a blind date, and the first encounter was love at first sight. The two started dating and married in 1999. Terry is the father of four children: daughters Collette and Katarina and twins Nicholas and Maximilla. He lives with his family in Newport Beach.

A Look Into Terry Dubrow’s Career

Terry focused on taking a medical career and went ahead to create a private practice where he focused on reconstructive plastic surgery and cosmetics. He started his practice in Newport Beach, California, and his exceptional work led to numerous referrals and praises.

His credits were mainly in facelifts, tummy tucks, rhinoplasty, etc. In 2004, following his numerous praises, Fox producers approached him requesting he be the featured plastic surgeon on an upcoming reality series.

His first appearance on “The Swan” show was a game changer, as it quickly brought him more opportunities. Terry soon got involved in different shows where he combined his career with film to bond with viewers. In 2014, he created his plastic surgery reality show, The Botched, which became a household name.

Terry has published several medical papers to help educate and inspire others seeking to follow his path.

Terry Dubrow’s Net Worth

With a successful career and appearances in several shows, including his own reality show, Terry has undoubtedly created wealth. His net worth stands at $70 million, which is adequate to give his family an admirable life.

Moreover, Terry has invested in real estate. A good example is his custom-built Orange County mansion, which he sold for $55 million. He also owns numerous properties, including his home.