Who Are The Most Popular Roblox Content Creators Who Are The Most Popular Roblox Content Creators

Who Are The Most Popular Roblox Content Creators?

Ever since COVID hit, children and teens alike flocked to online platforms like Roblox to cull their boredom. The online platform has skyrocketed in terms of user metrics, with millions of reported logins per day.

Of course, with growth like that, comes social media popularity. Particularly on video-creation platforms like Youtube. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the biggest names of Roblox content creation, let’s go!

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One of the OG Roblox players and a regular player of the game even before his YouTube days, Albert Aretz(or Flamingo) is currently the most popular Roblox creator. He has over 12.7 million subscribers on Youtube, and over 11 billion views across all of his videos, more than any other YouTuber in this niche.

Flamingo creates comedic skits and fun challenges for Roblox. Viewers might recognize his pet parrot, Pico, who makes frequent appearances on the channel. Flamingo also aspires to be a voice actor in the future.


A Roblox Youtuber who occasionally vlogs. GamingWithKev is right behind Flamingo as the biggest Roblox content creator. In fact, as of right now there is only a 100,000 subscriber different between them, with Kev having a whopping 12.6 million subscribers.

Kev is known for the efforts he puts into editing his YouTube videos as well as his fondness of music. However, real fans of his channel know that Kev is introverted in real life, as opposed to his charismatic on screen character.


The biggest name in Roblox when it comes to making family friendly content, Thinknoodles, currently has over 11 million subscribers. Delivering content through an animated cat mascot, Thinknoodles often incorporates educational elements into her content, making her popular among parents.

Aside from playing Roblox, Thinknoodles does challenges and skits on her channel as well. Many of these skits are inspired by the channel owner, Kathryn’s interactions with her family in real life. Kathryn is also part of the group ‘KREW’ who have their separate channel called ItsFunneh.


This may come off as a surprise to most of you, but Roblox has a competitive side as well. Amongst the popular competitive Roblox YouTubers’ is KreekCraft. His channel boasts over 9 million YouTube subscribers and a view count in the billions.

Kreek has mastered multiple games in Roblox including Jailbreak, and participates in Roblox tournaments regularly. His channel focuses on specific games within Roblox, such as Jailbreak and Adopt Me!

These were some of the most popular Roblox content creators. Which one of them do you watch the most? What did you think about our list? Do you think we missed any popular Roblox content creators?  Let us know in the comments below!

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