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AJ Mccarron’s Net Worth: How Wealthy is the NFL Quarterback?

A.J McCarron is a quarterback known for accuracy and leadership. But without an NFL starting role, he has built a reputation and amassed a surprising net worth. Explore McCarron’s journey – from his upbringing to the factors that helped him become successful financially.

Early Life and Education

Born Raymond Anthony McCarron Jr. in 1990 in Mobile, Alabama, the crowd roar was familiar to A.J. McCarron. Details about his early life are private but his athletic talent developed early. He played several sports in school but football was his passion.

McCarron coached on the gridiron at St. Paul’s Episcopal School in Mobile during his junior year. That early success brought him recognition and a scholarship offer from the University of Alabama, a program known for collegiate football greatness. McCarron enrolled in 2009 and hastened to lead Alabama’s football program. He developed the drive and perseverance to play professional football and amass a surprising net worth while not making an NFL starting job permanent.


Net Worth

AJ Mccarron has amassed a surprising net worth of around USD 16 million.

Factors That Contribute to His Net Worth

Let’s examine what made McCarron a financial success.

Negotiating Strategic Contracts and NFL Salaries

McCarron makes much of his money through his NFL contracts. He never did land a starting role but used his talent and potential to negotiate big backup contracts with several teams. He spent 2014 with the Cincinnati Bengals in a four-year rookie deal worth an estimated USD 2.3 million. McCarron saw limited playing time, but his preseason and relief appearances set him up for a big payday in 2018. He signed a USD 10 million, two-year deal with the Buffalo Bills. The following seasons with the Oakland Raiders, Houston Texans and Atlanta Falcons bolstered his NFL earnings through contracts and performance bonuses.

XFL Success and Future Playing Opportunities

McCarron’s financial journey goes beyond the NFL. He joined the XFL’s St. Louis Battlehawks in 2023 for a reported USD 600,000 salary as the league’s highest-paid quarterback. Much less than his NFL earnings, though, this contract shows he remains a leader and playmaker. And McCarron’s recent moves to the Cincinnati Bengals (2023) and then to the St. Louis Battlehawks in 2024 might still generate income for him.

Possible Endorsement Deals

Little is known about this, but marketability as a professional athlete may have landed McCarron endorsement deals – perhaps most notably during his prime NFL years. Such possible partnerships with sports apparel brands or other relevant companies would have bolstered his net worth.


A.J. McCarron’s net worth speaks to his determination and strategic career moves. He struggled to find a permanent starting role but found professional football. He is best known for his leadership on the field, his devotion to the game and his ability to motivate teammates. McCarron shows how hard work, resilience and maximizing opportunities can pay off in a competitive professional environment.