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Angie Dickinson’s Net Worth: How Wealthy is the Hollywood Legend?

Hollywood legend Angie Dickinson has spent over six decades in Hollywood with a magnetic presence and steely resolve. Her impressive career includes iconic films and television shows. And beyond that comes a huge net worth. Read about Dickinson’s upbringing, the path to stardom and the factors that contributed to her financial success in this article.

Early Life and Education

Born Angeline Brown in 1931 in Kulm, North Dakota, Angie Dickinson did not grow up in Hollywood glamor. Her father was a small-town newspaper publisher and editor who taught young Angie work ethic. Little is known of her early life except that her family moved to Los Angeles when she was eleven. It introduced her to Southern California’s energy and to the burgeoning film industry. This proximity to Hollywood did not initially lead Angie to acting.

In terms of education, she graduated from Beverly Hills High School at the age of 15. She was a visual arts and dance buff who showed a talent that would later be expressed on the silver screen. She met a talent scout while at College at Glendale Community college. That led to modeling and later acting – an unorthodox turn in a Hollywood career.


Net Worth

She has a fortune worth roughly USD 25 million.

Factors That Contribute to Her Net Worth

Now, let’s look at how she was able to build her wealth.

A Lucrative Film Career: Box Office Success and Leading Roles

Dickinson’s wealth is built on her prolific film career. She made her breakthrough with the 1956 film Gun the Man Down starring James Arness. She later won the lead role in Western classic Rio Bravo (1959). The first of these early successes was “Ocean’s 11” (1960), “The Killers” (1964) and “Dress to Kill” (1980). She made a lot of money from the 1950s through the 60s and 70s with regular appearances in box office hits.

Television Triumph: “Police Woman” and Beyond

Dickinson wasn’t content with the silver screen. She later appeared on television in numerous 1950s anthology series. However, her most famous television role was as Sergeant Pepper Anderson in the series Police Woman (1974-1978). Dickinsons portrayal of a strong, capable female police officer challenged societal norms and stereotypes. Its popularity raised her public profile and generated substantial income, making her a television powerhouse.

Longevity in the Industry: Consistent Work and Strategic Choices

One major contributor to Dickinson’s net worth is her longevity in the entertainment business. Throughout her career she took roles – demonstrating her skill and ability to change with the times. Besides the box office blockbusters and pioneering television, Dickinson appeared in many television movies and miniseries, providing work and income well into her older years. This positioned her financially secure and allowed her to remain in the industry for more than six decades.


Angie Dickinson’s net worth reflects her talent, dedication and strategic career moves. But her legacy goes far beyond financial gain. By tackling stereotypical roles for strong female characters she opened up a new generation of actresses. Her elegance, talent and unwavering presence made her a Hollywood icon.