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Alex Cooper’s Net Worth Biography and life history

If you are a fan of the famous podcast “Call Her Daddy”, then Alexandra Cooper, famous as Alex Cooper, is not a new name. Cooper had an exciting journey from a soccer star to a media personality, which has enabled her to gain recognition and a worthy net worth.

So, how much net worth has the celebrity accrued? If you are looking for the answer to how she accrued her net worth, check all the details below!

Who is Alex Cooper?

Alex Cooper is an American podcast celebrity born on August 21, 1994. Cooper grew up in her birthplace in Newton, Pennsylvania and joined Boston University, where she was also a soccer player.

While at Boston University, she led her team into weaning the Patriot League title in 2014. Her passion for soccer gave the beautiful lady an opportunity in the media industry, transforming her into an iconic podcast host.

Alex Cooper’s Net Worth

Alex Cooper’s net worth as of 2024 is $30 million. The media personality has been in the industry for a couple of years, and adding on the Spotify deal, which saw her earn a minimum of $20 million yearly, it is no wonder that he has accrued that much.

The famed personality signed the deal in June 2021, and it guaranteed her a minimum of $60 million in three years, with the potential of earning more depending on the downloads.

Alex Cooper’s Rise to Fame

The loved American podcast host entered the media industry in 2014 as an on-air studio anchor for Dirty Water Media. Still, it wasn’t until 2018 that she became a celebrity for co-hosting Call Her Daddy alongside Sofia Franklyn.

The podcast was popular and gained a huge following on Barstool Sports. Unfortunately, Alex and her co-host had some feud which interfered with the show’s production. Alex’s partner left the show in 2020, and she remained to host the show by herself.

How Alex Cooper Ended Up Hosting Calle Her Daddy by Herself

Alex and her partner Sofia were under a contract that paid them $75,000 annually. The contract with Barstool turned sour when the duo wanted to remove themselves from the deal. The contract also saw them earn extra cash after they reached 10 per cent more than the average audience.

It seems like Alex and her partner were eyeing a new deal with a different company, ignoring that they were in contact with Barstool. The founder of Barstool brokered the duo a new deal which would see them earn a six-figure salary, but the offer did not sit well with Sofia Franklyn.

On the other hand, Alex Cooper took the deal, while her partner went on to launch her podcast, Sofia with an F. Since then, Alex Cooper has been hosting the host by herself.

Alex was so lucky when she signed a new deal with Spotify in June 2021. According to the deal, the podcast host would earn a minimum of $60 million in three years to air the show exclusively on Spotify.

Additionally, she would earn more if she hit a given number of downloads within the period.