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Emily Ratajkowski’s Net Worth Biography and life history

Emily Ratajkowski is a famed celebrity who rose to fame thanks to her career as a model and actor. The model and actress has appeared in several erotic and fashion magazines, making a name for herself as one of the sexiest beautiful ladies of her time.

As a result of her character as a model, she appeared in Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines single, which made her a controversial figure. Despite the criticisms of her portrayal of the song, the model rose to fame and earned more opportunities. Here are her net worth details!

What is Emily Ratajkowski’s Net Worth?

Emily Ratajkowski is worth $8 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. The famed figure has earned his wealth mostly from modelling for magazines and fashion houses. Additionally, he has acted in various films and authored a book about My Body, which was bestselling.

Emily has built her presence around social media, making her the first model to build a name through Instagram rather than the traditional way.

Who is Emily Ratajkowski?

Ratajkowski was born on June 7, 1991, in London, England. The model is the only child of her family, and she grew up in West Kensington and Bloomsbury before her parents relocated to San Diego when the model was five years old.

Emily’s parents had good jobs, which enabled Emily to have a good life. The model was an all-around student growing up, explaining how she dedicated herself to playing soccer and participating in entertainment.

Due to Emily’s obsession with acting, she would perform shows for her family, encouraging her to pursue an entertainment career. Although Emily did acting and modelling, she majored in modelling while acting on a few occasions.

Emily’s Career

Emily was interested in acting and modelling from a very young age, but it was not until she turned fourteen that she signed with Ford Models. She spent her early days modelling for teen print catalogues and appearing in catalogues for various brands like Nordstrom.

Despite Emily having a passion for acting and doing it occasionally, she paused and focused on modelling due to being typecast as a bully and cheerleader. She had a host role in Nickelodeon’s iCary before she paused acting and focused on modelling.

The model appeared in an erotic magazine, Treats, in 2012. It is at this point that influential individuals discovered her. As a result, she landed more big opportunities, including commercial roles for Carl’s Jr and Nikon.

Ratajkowski continued featuring in various magazines and landed a music video opportunity for Robin Thicke’s single. The video role made Emily more famous, leading to controversies about her portrayal in the music.

The music video, which showcased the model dancing topless, received many criticisms and complaints. While others argued that the video portrayed the degradation of women, Ratajkowski stood with the female empowerment and sexual freedom motive of the video.

Additionally, Emily did a music video with Maroon 5’s Love Somebody, further enabling her to grow her net worth.

After successful music videos, Emily got a significant role in Gone Girl in 2014, receiving top reviews.