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Alex Fine’s Net Worth Biography and life history

Alex Fine is a famous personal trainer with a net worth of $500 thousand. Alex’s fame is mainly attributed to dating model Cassie. Through his relationship, Alex has managed to get appear in the limelight and by the end of this post, we will have more insights on Alex Fine’s net worth, his career, and personal life. Through it, all your questions about him will be answered.

Biography of Alex Fine

Alex Fine is an American personal trainer born on March 12, 1993. He was born in Cincinnati. Alex Fine attended Central Michigan University and he played football for the institution’s team. After he graduated from Central Michigan University, he relocated to Los Angeles and started a personal training company. He named the company Alex Fine Performance.

Alex is now a trainer working at the Unbreakable Performance Center in Los Angeles. Through his career, he has met and interacted with several celebrity clients.


How Did Alex Fine Become Famous?

As mentioned earlier, it’s through his relationship that Alex earned the limelight. Alex and model Cassie met in 2018 at the gym. They started dating and shared the news publicly. They then engaged in August 2019 and they were expecting a baby during that period.

The two then married in Malibu, California, in September, 2019. They then welcomed their first daughter, Frankie Stine, in December 2019 and their second daughter, Sunny Cinco, in March 2022. Through Cassie, Alex has gained more reputation and become famous, which has also earned him more celebrity clients and his profession and skills have created good clients.

Alex Fine’s Career

Alex’s career is not widely known as he has only mentioned having one profession. He started his profession as a personal trainer after graduating from college. Alex was interested in offering training services and he went ahead to open his personal training company.

Despite being a celebrity spouse, Alex rarely talks about his business as he appreciates privacy of his clients and also enjoys keeping a low profile. However, his LinkedIn shows that he is still a professional trainer and he has worked with some notable celebrity clients who have also pushed his name into the limelight.

Through his professional services, Alex has earned numerous referrals from big clients, especially celebrities and its through it that he earns a living.

Alex Fine’s Net Worth

Through out his time, Alex has only shared being a personal trainer. We don’t known any other ventures he is engaged in or what other sources of income he has. Moreover, he keeps a low profile, making it difficult to gather more information about him.

From what we know based on his profession as a personal trainer, Alex has manged to earn from his career and grow his wealth to obtain a net worth of $500 thousand. Through his career, he has managed to provide for his family and handle his projects.

Moreover, his wife is a model and also makes money. Combining their incomes, we can conclude that the couple is okay financially and working to grow their wealth even more.