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David Caruso Net Worth Biography and life history

In the world of entertainment, not many actors create substantial net worth for themselves. But for David Caruso, it is a different story. The actor has established a name for himself as one of the richest actors, standing at a net worth of $35 million.

Caruso began acting at a time when not many people were into the entertainment industry. As a result, he has established his career as a skilled actor, enabling him to make more money per episode.

While he retired early from acting to focus on a different industry, most of his net worth is as a result of acting. At the peak of his career, he earned $375 thousand per episode, growing his net worth even further.

Early Life

Caruso was born on January 7, 1956 in a catholic household. He grew up in Forest Hills, Queens although he has never revealed details about his siblings. While he was a toddler, his father left the family, and he had to step up as the father-figure.

The actor grew up with his mother, who worked as a librarian. He attended a catholic school and joined Briarwood high school, graduating in 1974. Due to family circumstances, the actor began working early.

As a youth, he was a cinema usher, which enabled him to watch more than 80 movies per week. As a result of the job, he started getting interested in acting. In fact, in some cases, Caruso and some of his workmates would play some of the scenes at the back of the theater.

He was inspired by various actors like Edward Robinson, James Cagney and Humprey Borgat, encouraging him to pursue a career in acting.


Career and Fame

Caruso’s entry into acting began with a minor role in “Getting Wasted.” Despite the film not getting famous, it helped the actor to venture into other projects. He held numerous supporting roles in 1980s, and became more comfortable with acting.

Besides featuring in numerous films as a support actor, he ventured into television work. In most of the 1990s roles, Caruso depicted as a police officer. His appearance in NYPD Blue was a big success, but it failed soon because of failing to agree with the producers about his salary.

For a while, his career stagnated, as he did not get any major roles. The next films he got were failures and the critics demoralized him as an actor. However, he appeared in “Session 9” and from the critics, he was doing well.

Caruso’s role as Lieutenant Horatio in “CSI Miami” was one of the best roles he held. He appeared in numerous spinoffs of the series, and became a known figure. However, the series was cancelled in 2012, prompting the actor to step away from acting. Since then, he has focused on art business.

David Caruso’s Family and Children

Caruso has been married a few times. His first, marriage ended in divorce and he went on to marry Rachel Ticotin in 1984. After three years, they divorced, but continued parenting their daughter. Caruso’s third marriage was to Liza Marquez. The dated and stayed together for many years, resulting to two children. They divorced in 2007.