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Allan Bruce Rothschild – His Biography, Family, Net Worth, and Career

Allan Bruce Rothschild became famous for marrying the celebrity daughter Kitt Shapiro. The Rothschild name is a famous one, which has made many wonder if Allan is part of the world’s wealthiest family members.

This post shares more on who Allan Rothschild is and his family.

Allan’s Biography

Allan Bruce is a real estate developer who found his way into the limelight after his marriage to Kitt Shapiro. Allan graduated from Emory and joined Yeshiva, where he earned a law degree. Allan’s father was a real estate lawyer in Carle Place, N.Y.

Besides Allan’s marriage with Shapiro, the Rothschild name has confused many people. Being among the wealthiest names in the world, many people speculated that Kitt was finding her way into the famed family.

Allan’s Career

Allan has been in real estate for many years. The broker started his career by working with a brokerage firm in New York before he decided it was time to open his firm. Currently, Rothschild’s company is based in Westport, where he resides with his wife and children.

Allan’s Family

Allan Bruce is a proud father who has two children from his previous relationship. The real estate broker has not revealed much about his past relationship, but he is co-parenting his children with his ex-wife in Westport.

Allan met Kitt through a mutual friend who invited them to a party. The following day, Allan and Kitt went for another meetup after their first meeting, upon which they realized they were truly a match, as suggested by their friend.

After the second meetup, the duo began talking about the wedding, and they did not find a reason as to why not to officiate their relationship. Allan and Kitt felt that their marriage would work immediately, so they did not want to waste time courting.

The duo’s union brought togetherness in the family and it was easy for them to enjoy their marriage while staying close to their children. Kitt’s ex-husband agreed to relocate to Westport, and it was even easier for Allan to see his children, as his wife stayed in the same place.

Allan has been by Kitt’s side, and their marriage has blossomed since they walked down the aisle in 2002.

Allan’s Net Worth

Allan has spent many years in real estate. Before he started his brokerage firm, he worked as a senior marketing director of a brokerage firm. Although he has never revealed how much he earned, he must be worth millions of dollars.

Moreover, his wife, Kitt, is a celebrity managing her mother’s businesses, continuing with the family legacy. Kitt’s mother was a famous singer, actress, and dancer who made a name for herself in the entertainment sector.

As a child, Kitt was given her mother’s name. Kitt’s mother realized many people used their father’s surname, but she did not want to follow the same. She wanted her daughter to continue with her legacy. The singer believed that her child was the only one who would understand her legacy. As a result, she wanted her to have her name and continue with everything she had achieved in life.