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Eriq Michael George’s Biography and Parents

Eriq Michael George’s popularity met him from birth. He was born to famous parents, and their reputation, especially his father’s celebrity, made it inevitable for him to become a celebrity kid. His father is a former professional football player who created a solid career during his active years. As for Eriq’s mother, she is a SWV singer. Being the only child in the family has given Eriq the luxury of enjoying his parent’s fame and success. This post shares more information on who Eriq Michael George is and details about his parents.

Biography of Eriq Michael George

Eriq is the son of Eddie George and Tamara Johnson-George. He was born in 2005, but details about his birth date are kept private. His parents have opted to refrain from sharing sensitive information about their family.

Eriq is the family’s only child, and fans are curious to see him grow and what path he will take. Eriq’s father is a former American football player, while his mother is a singer, rapper, and actress. Her stage name is Taj, and she is widely known as a SWV singer.

Eriq is of black ethnicity but he has American nationality. Although he is the only child of his parents, he has a stepbrother from his father’s previous relationship. Eriq has joined high school, and like most details, even this information about the institution’s name is hidden.

Eriq Michael George’s Relationship and Controversies

The youngster has yet to share any relationship updates. Eriq has not disclosed about having any affairs, and no controversies have been shared about him. Despite being a celebrity kid, Eriq prefers staying low and shuns the headlines.

At his age, he is focused on his education, and when he shares updates about his relationship status, we will update the post to inform you. His parents have been married for over 15 years, and this unity and bond give Eriq room to enjoy parental love and companionship.

Who are Eriq Michael George’s Parents?

Eddie George, Eriq’s father, was born in Philadelphia on September 24, 1973. His reputation is thanks to his successful career as an American football player. Eddie is also an actor and an athlete. He is currently a head coach for the Tennessee State football team.

Eddie George began his career at Ohio State University, playing for the football team for three years. During this time, he played running back, and even as a junior student, he held the starting position and made remarkable records.

However, his professional career came after he joined the NFL and started playing for the Houston Oilers, currently known as the Tennessee Titans. Over the years that Eddie has been active in football, he has signed contracts worth $41.25 million.

As for Eriq’s mother, she is popularly known as SWV singer Taj. She has had an active career and combining it with her husband’s the family can afford lavish lifestyle. They are enjoying life together, and we are keeping an eye on them.