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Meet Andrea Skeete – George Foreman’s Ex-wife

Before meeting George Foreman, Andrea Skeete was a private person and little was known about her life. However, her marriage to George Foreman pushed her into the limelight.

Her ex-husband is a former legendary boxer and his career as a boxer, gave her the chance to be associated with his fame, earning her a spot as a celebrity ex-wife. This post will discuss more about Andrea Skeete. We will talk about her life and relationship with George Foreman. Stay tuned!


Who is Andrea Skeete?

When we mention the name Andrea Skeete, it’s popular as the ex-wife of American boxer George Foreman. Andrea was born in 1953, but her birth place is unknown.

Andrea has a dark brown skin and curly black hair. She has charming eyes and although she had the opportunity of the enjoying the limelight of being an ex-celebrity spouse, Andrea opted for a private life and we have little information about her.

What Was Andrea’s Relationship with George Foreman?

Andrea and George met when George was building his career as a boxer. The two started dating, and as George was enjoying his career as a boxer, Andrea was introduced into this limelight.

When Andrea met George, she worked as his cook and executive assistant. It was this encounter that paved way for a romantic relationship. After dating for a few years, the two married on April 28, 1982.

George was in a previous marriage and, it was after the divorce, that he married Andrea, who was 29 years at the time. As for George, he was 33 years old. However, their relationship was not without troubles.

Andrea and George are parents to two children. Unfortunately, when Andrea was expecting her second child, the couple separated on February 4, 1985. They had been together for three years and they never shared the reason for their separation.

Did Andrea Skeete Get Married Again?

After the divorce, Andrea focused on personal development while also taking care of her children. However, she got married again to Felix, a few years later, and the couple welcomed a child together. However, the marriage also ended in a divorce and her husband took their child.

Andrea got into her third marriage in 1994 with Anthony Mapp. Their union has been kept private and we have no details of whether the couple welcomed a child.

Who are Andrea’s Children?

Andrea and George welcomed two children. Freeda Foreman is their first child and she was born on October 16, 1976. Freeda followed her father’s career footsteps and was an active boxer. However, her career lasted only a year. She retired in 2001 and focused on being a boxing promoter. Unfortunately, Freeda ended up committing suicide in 2019. She was aged 42 and the exact reason behind her suicide is unclear.

George Foreman III is the second child of Andrea and George. He was born on January 23, 1983. Andrea’s son is widely known as Monk, and he took up boxing and created his won legacy. He has set different records and after retiring, he opened a gym in Boston.