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Everything to Know About Larry’s Birds Ex-Wife – Janet Condra

Larry Bird is a basketball legend and while many people know about his legacy in the sport, few know about his ex-wife, Janet Condra. Larry and Condra were high school lovebirds and later married. However, things went off within a short time, causing a bitter divorce and torn relationship.

The divorce between Larry and Janet Condra even affected their daughter. Apparently, Larry and his ex-wife couldn’t even communicate and it took a long time before Larry could talk to his daughter and patch things. What more do we know about Janet Condra?


Janet Condra’s Early Life

Janet Condra become known following her marriage and divorce to Larry Bird. She hails from Indian and her birth date is in the 1960s. However, no information about her childhood is known, not even details about her parents or siblings.

Janet Condra attended Springs Valley High School and that’s where she met Larry Bird and their friendship started. The schoolmates quickly got fond of each other, and the friendship paved the way for a relationship.

Janet Condra’s Relationship with Larry Bird

Larry and Janet then tied their knot in November 1975, and their wedding was a private small ceremony. Unfortunately, Larry and Janet only remained together for a short tine and within a year, they had filed for divorce. Their divorce was finalized in October 1976.

As a couple, Larry and Janet Condra welcomed daughter Corrie in 1977. For Corrie, her parent’s broken relationship affected her at a young age. Larry and Condra faced numerous issues such that even after the divorce, they weren’t in talking terms.

This tough state of things even made Larry Bird not be bothered with meeting his daughter. Corrie was determined to create a bond with her father but Larry was not interested in meeting her. Eventually, Larry got a change of heart and established contact with his daughter. The two mended their relationship but Larry and Janet are still not in any communicating terms.

Janet Condra Married Again

Janet Condra wasn’t going to give up on love after her first failed marriage. She got married again to Mike Deakins and they welcomed a daughter, Mandy. Janet had found love again but this time, it wasn’t short-lived.

Her daughter has rose to become a singer and she even sang in Corrie’s wedding in 2008.

What Happened to Larry Bird After the Divorce

After divorcing Janet Condra, Larry got drafted into NBA and proceeded to create his legacy as an NBA player. Larry was first focused on his career before hopping into marriage, again. However, in 1989, Larry married Dinah Mattingly.

In his new marriage, Larry adopted children Connor and Mariah Bird, making him a father of three children. Larry has over the years been ranked among the best NBA players of all time. His time in active sports earned him much salary and helped create his net worth of $80 million.

Larry retired and works as a coach, sharing his experience and mentoring other players to also create their legacy.