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Anna Geisslinger: Daughter of Annette O’Toole

Anna Geisslinger is an actress but she is mostly known for being the daughter of Annette O’Toole. This article covers information about her background, career, and more.


Anna Geisslinger is the daughter of Annette O’Toole and Bill Geisslinger. Details about her early years are not available to the public. However, being the daughter of Annette O’Toole, we believe she must have had an interesting childhood. She has a sister, Nell Geisslinger.


Just like her mother, Anna Geisslinger is also an actress and has been featured in a few movies. She also works as an art director.


Net Worth

Details about her net worth are not publicly available.

Her Mother, Annette O’Toole

Annette O’Toole is an American actress with more than five decades on television and film. Beyond acting, her talents extend to singing and songwriting, adding further dimension to her artistic journey.

Born Annette Toole on 1 April 1952 in Houston, Texas, she has kept her early life and education very private. O ‘Toole had a knack for performance early, and she made her acting debut in Hollywood in the 1967 sitcom My Three Sons. This was the start of a successful television career which would see her show up on TV programs all over the 70s and 80s including “Gunsmeoke,” “The Partridge Family,” and “Hawaiki Five-O.”

O ‘Toole made her film debut in 1975’s Smile and soon had roles in “48 Hrs.” and “Superman III” as Superman’s childhood crush Lana Lang. However, a role that holds special significance for her is Kathy in the romantic comedy “Cross My Heart.” O ‘Toole calls this film one of her favorites, citing comedic chemistry with co-director Martin Short.

In the 90s, O ‘Toole remained on the big and small screens. Horror fans may recognize her as adult Beverly Marsh in Stephen King’s 1990 miniseries “It.” She also acted and sang in the television movie Stand By Your Man, which won her critical acclaim. That performance also earned her an Emmy nod.

The late 90s saw her become a television mainstay. She starred as a recurring character on the action series Nash Bridges and on her own show the Huntress as a bounty hunter. Perhaps her most iconic television part was as the superhero Smallville in the early 2000s. O ‘Toole played Clark Kent/Superman’s adoptive mother Martha Kent with warmth and conviction.

O ‘Toole also has a love of theater besides acting. She has mixed screen work and stage performances throughout her career. Even though specifics about her personal net worth aren’t made public, her long and successful career speaks volumes of her achievements in the entertainment business.

O ‘Toole got married to fellow actor Michael McKean in 1999, and the couple have remained in Hollywood ever since. They have been seen hanging out at industry events together and the friendship is another layer to O ‘Toole’s fulfilling life.

Annette O’Tool is a testament to hard work and talent. She continues to be a popular screen personality with a diverse filmography.