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Matilda Kent Tarleton: Mother of Bob Baker

Matilda Kent Tarleton is famously known for being the mother of Bob Baker. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about her.


Born Matilda Kent Tarleton on 18 October 1897, New York, United States, to Robert Eckler Tarleton and Mary Elizabeth (Kent) Tarleton.


Matilda Kent Tarleton worked as a school teacher. However, after some years, she became the County Superintendent of Schools for Todd County, South Dakota.


Personal Life

Matilda was married to Byron John Barker for some years and the union produced a child; Bob Baker. The couple later went their separate ways in 1921. Matilda also has another child, Kent Valandra – probably from another marriage.

Matilda impacted Bob’s life in so many positive ways. She was an advocate for animal welfare – a cause that her son, Bob, would also champion later on in his life.

Net Worth

There is no information on the internet regarding her net worth.

Her Son, Bob Baker

Robert William Barker was an American media personality known to most as Bob Barker. His career included radio and game shows, but he’s best known for his long run on “The Price Is Right.” Barker was also an animal rights advocate besides the shows.

Born in Darrington, Washington, Barker had a rough childhood. He lost his dad when he was younger and spent part of his growing up on South Dakota’s Rosebud Indian Reservation. Barker graduated from Drury College/Drury University in Missouri and also was a U.S Navy fighter pilot in World War II.

Barker began his broadcasting career in radio after the war. His talent was discovered by Ralph Edwards, the creator of the game show Truth or Consequence. Barker hosted the show in 1956 for nearly two decades. His easygoing personality and smooth delivery fit the program’s blend of trivia and offbeat stunts.

Barker would go on to direct “The Price Is right” in 1972. The show soared already – successful under Barker’s leadership. He had an energy and enthusiasm that audiences appreciated. His trademark call of “Come down!” became synonymous with the show and his witty banter with contestants only added to its charm.

Barker had some big milestones during his time on “The Price Is Right.” It became the longest running daytime game show on North American television, moving out of a half hour format to a full 1 hour. Barker himself was honoured with numerous awards and honors, such as a Daytime Television Lifetime Achievement Award. He left the show in 2007, but left an entertainment legacy of excellence.

Beyond television, Barker became a crusader for animal rights. He was a proponent of spaying and neuter dogs and advocated for animal cruelty awareness. He continued this dedication by making major donations to animal rights organizations like the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

Bob Barker was estimated to be worth around USD 90 million when he passed away in 2023. But much of his wealth was apparently given to animal welfare causes he believed in.

Bob Barker is a story of charisma, dedication and compassion. He played games with millions on game show host and made a difference in animal rights.