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Bobbie Lane Howell: Meet David Koresh’s Daughter, The Branch Davidian Cult Leader

Despite the story of the Branch Davidians happening many years ago, it has remained to haunt the entire world up to date. Bobbie Lane was among the victims of the great fire that consumed over seventy people, remaining one of the biggest tragedies to hit American soil in many years.

The story of the cult group remains vivid through the main miniseries, which portrays the critical situation inside a religious place. During the fateful day that consumed over 80 people, including children and women, the police tried to save everyone they could, but they failed somehow.

Bobbie Lane Howell’s Father

Vernon Howell, famous as David Koresh, was the father of Bobbie Lane Howell. Bobbie’s father became the talk of the media after news of fire consuming his church members broke. But how did a total of 80 people and children end up being consumed by fire to the point of not being able to be recognized by people?

Vernon Howell was a humble person, but his life changed after he became the leader of Branch Davidians. Vernon is said to have impregnated someone, and he feared that he would be rejected.

Considering that Vernon’s lover came from a religious family, it was only fit for him to be spiritual, to keep in contact, and to be accepted by his girlfriend’s parents.

Before Vernon was the leader of Branch Davidians, the members’ lives were somehow free. But everything changed when Vernon, who changed his name to David Koresh, took charge. He came along with tight teachings, some of which gave him authority to sleep with several women, including teenage girls.

Bobbie’s father had brainwashed his church members to the extent that they were following everything he told them. Bobbie’ was not the only child of his father. It is believed that the cult leader sired over fifteen children, most of whom died in the 1993 fire.

Bobbie Lane Howell’s Siblings

While Bobbie’s other siblings are unknown, two older ones were born by Rachel Jones, Vernon Howell’s legal wife.

Vernon and Rachel were married when Rachel was very young, and she had three children with the cult leader by the time the fire happened in 1993. Cyrus and Star Howell are Bobbie’s biological siblings.

Besides the two, Bobbie had many half-siblings, sired by his father, with 11 women with whom he slept. While Bobbie’s father was carrying out the leadership role of Branch Davidians, he told his holly followers that God had spoken to him and that he should take many wives to create his followers.

While this may sound absurd, the members followed the leader’s request. As if that is not enough, he went as far as telling the men to remain celibate, while Koresh himself was allowed to sleep with all the women, including the married ones.

Others who never agreed to Koresh’s teachings left at night, but many others diligently agreed to everything they were told. The 1993 fire that killed around 80 people was a clear sign of everything that was taking place inside the Branch Davidian’s residence.