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Janet Lee Constantine’s Net Worth, Biography, and Husband

Janet Lee Constantine is associated with the late American musician and songwriter Leon Russell. Many people only learned about her after news about her husband’s death surfaced on the internet. Janet Lee Constantine keeps a low profile, and much information about her is unknown. Nonetheless, this post aims to discuss more about her. We will quickly discuss her biography before diving into her husband and her net worth.

Who is Janet Lee Constantine?

Leon Russell was a famous American singer and songwriter. While his reputation was widely known, only a few people understood the details about his wife. Janet Lee Constantine was the second wife of the late Janet Lee Constantine.

Janet’s birthplace and birth date remain unknown, but we know that she is an American citizen. Additionally, Janet’s details remain unknown as she has maintained a low profile. We don’t know her educational background or even the career path she took. Janet’s occupation also remains unknown.

As mentioned earlier, Janet’s popularity spread after she wedded Leon Russell. However, she wasn’t the first wife. Leon was married before, making Janet his second wife. Their marriage ushered three girls: Coco, Sugaree Noel, and Honey Bridges.

From his previous marriages, Leon had other children, bringing the count to six children. Janet married Leon on February 6, 1983. His previous marriage was Mary McCreary from 1975 to 1980.

Janet Lee Constantine’s Late Husband

Janet was Leon Russell’s second wife. Her husband, Leon Russell, was born on April 2, 1942. Leon was a decorated American musician and songwriter. Over his years in active career, Leon had different bestselling records that greatly influenced his popularity and fan base.

Russell was an American born in Lawton, Oklahoma. By age 4, Russell was already interested in music and was playing piano. As for his educational background, he joined Will Rogers High School in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Career and Net Worth

Janet Lee’s career remains unknown, and we have no information on what occupation she holds or details about any career path she has taken throughout her life. However, her late husband’s career is widely known.

Janet’s husband started his musical career in the nightclubs of Tulsa when he was 14 years old. He was in high school at this time, and he was also into playing piano for the Accents band. In his early career stages, Russell worked with popular names such as David Gates.

Notably, Russell has had a 60-year career. Over this time, he has engaged in different genres such as rock and roll, bluegrass, country music, southern rock, etc. His career earned him two Grammy Awards and six gold records. Moreover, Leon was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

Janet’s net worth remains unknown as her occupation is unknown. However, at the time of her husband’s death, he was worth $600k. Therefore, we believe all this net worth was passed down to her and the children. However, Janet hasn’t publicly shared the exact figure of her net worth.