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Elkhart County Jail: Complete Guide to Inmate Search and Information

Navigating the Elkhart County Jail system can be complex, especially when trying to find information on inmates. The jail offers a range of services, including the Elkhart County Jail inmate search, which is a crucial tool for families and friends of inmates to stay connected.

This guide will detail the steps for conducting an Elkhart County Jail inmate search and provide essential information on inmate communications, visitation rights, and how to support inmates during their time at Elkhart County Jail.

Elkhart County Jail Overview

Elkhart County Jail Inmate Lookup

Elkhart County Jail, officially known as the Elkhart County Correctional Complex, is a comprehensive facility located in Elkhart, Indiana. Managed by the Elkhart County Sheriff’s Office, it provides a range of services and programs aimed at rehabilitation and maintaining order and safety within the facility.

Programs and Services

The Elkhart County Correctional Complex offers various rehabilitation programs designed to reduce recidivism and aid inmate reintegration into society. These include:

  1. School-to-Work Program: This initiative connects inmates with local businesses to provide employment opportunities upon release.
  2. Second Chance Jobs Program: Focuses on updating inmates’ employment skills and understanding modern workplace expectations.
  3. Psychological Support and Mental Care: Available to inmates requiring mental health services, addressing issues from substance abuse to general mental well-being.
  4. Additional Services: Programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and the Female Intervention Team offer support for specific needs.

Facility and Operations

The correctional complex spans an 80-acre campus and includes various departments critical for its operation:

  • Intake and Booking
  • Medical and Food Services
  • Inmate and Staff Services
  • Security and Court Services

Future expansions are planned to increase the capacity and services of the facility, including a new juvenile detention center and additional security housing units.

Communication and Visitation

Elkhart County Jail provides detailed guidelines for inmate visitation and communication, ensuring that inmates maintain contact with their families and legal representatives. The facility supports services like Penmate | Inmate Help for easier communication.

Administrative and Contact Information

The jail is led by Captain David Lanzen of the Corrections Division. For more detailed information or inquiries:

Public records can be requested under the Indiana Freedom of Information Act, ensuring transparency and community trust in the operations of the Elkhart County Sheriff’s Office.

Steps for Conducting an Elkhart Inmate Search

Online Inmate Lookup Services

  1. Elkhart County Sheriff’s Office Inmate Lookup: Access the inmate lookup service at Inmate Lookup. This database allows searches by various identifiers such as booking number, last name, first name, date of birth, release date, or criminal charges.
  2. Incarcerated Search Database: Visit Incarcerated Search for additional search options. This service enables searches by Incarcerated Name or DOC Number.

Detailed Search Methods

  • By Name: When using the Incarcerated Name search, input both the first and last names to narrow down the results, ensuring a more accurate match.
  • By DOC Number: Enter the Department of Correction number in the designated search field to find specific inmate details.

Alternative Search Options and Assistance

  • VINE Service: Utilize the Victim Information and Notification Everyday (VINE) website for comprehensive inmate information.
  • Direct Contact: Call the Elkhart County sheriff’s office at 574-891-2100. Be prepared to provide full name, gender, age, race, and physical description of the inmate.
  • Pigeonly: A convenient online platform where you can search for an inmate by name and facility.

Obtaining Records and Updates

  • Public Records Request: Inmate records and mugshots can be accessed via a public records request. Submit a written request to the Elkhart County Sheriff’s Office and include the necessary fee.
  • Database Updates: The Elkhart County Jail Inmate Lookup database is regularly updated to reflect the most current information, with the latest update noted as 05/09/2024.

These steps and resources provide multiple avenues for conducting an Elkhart inmate search, ensuring that you can find the necessary information efficiently and effectively.

Inmate Communications and Visitation Rights

Registration and Scheduling

  1. Visitor Registration: All visitors must register and receive approval to visit inmates at Elkhart County Jail. This process involves providing valid identification and adhering to specific guidelines set by the facility.
  2. Scheduling Visits: Visits must be scheduled in advance and can occur any day the lobby is open, from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. Onsite visits require at least a 24-hour notice.

Visitation Rules

  • Age Requirement: Visitors of any age are allowed, but those under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • Dress Code: Appropriate attire is required for all visitors, as determined by corrections officers.
  • Behavior: Visitors must adhere to all behavioral guidelines, including no exposure, discussing criminal activity, or appearing under the influence of drugs.

Communication Options

  • Phone Calls and Voicemails: Inmates can make phone calls and receive voicemails. For setting up voicemail services, visitors can click on the provided link in the jail’s guidelines.
  • Mail Services: Non-legal mail should be directed to JailATM.com – Elkhart County Jail, while legal documents must be sent directly to the facility. Books, magazines, and newspapers must come directly from approved sources.

Remote Visitation

  • Platform Requirements: A device with a camera and microphone is necessary for remote visits.
  • Cost: Remote visits cost $6.95 for 20 minutes or $13.90 for 40 minutes. An unlimited monthly subscription is available for $19.99, allowing multiple visits per day.
  • Availability: Remote visits can be scheduled from 9:30 am to 9:30 pm, Monday through Sunday.

Security Measures

  • Searches: All visitors will undergo a search prior to visitation.
  • Monitoring: All communications, including calls and voicemails, are monitored and recorded. Anything shared during these communications can be used in investigations.

This comprehensive approach ensures that while maintaining security, Elkhart County Jail also facilitates various communication options for inmates to stay connected with their loved ones.

Sending Support to Inmates

Methods of Depositing Funds

  1. Jail Lobby Kiosk: Friends and family can deposit money into an inmate’s account using a kiosk located in the jail’s lobby. This machine accepts both cash and credit/debit cards. Each transaction incurs a $3.75 convenience fee.
  2. Online Deposits via JailATM: To add funds online, set up an account using an email address at JailATM.com. This service allows credit/debit card deposits directly into an inmate’s account with the same convenience fee of $3.75 per transaction.

Commissary Account and Purchases

  • Upon booking, an inmate’s trust account is established where deposited funds are maintained. Inmates can use these funds to purchase items from the commissary, such as food, toiletries, and other essentials.

Sending Mail and Packages

  • Non-Legal Mail: All non-legal mail must be directed through JailATM.com – Elkhart County Jail. It should include the inmate’s full name and jail identification number.
  • Legal Mail: Should be sent directly to the facility, ensuring that it includes the inmate’s name and identification number.
  • Books and Magazines: Must be shipped directly from approved sources like HarperCollins Publishers or Simon and Schuster. Each inmate may receive up to five books at one time.

Using Money Transfer Services

  • MoneyGram and Western Union: These services can be utilized to send money directly to an inmate’s account. Necessary details include the inmate’s correctional ID and the facility code.

Setting Up Phone Services

  • To enable an inmate to make phone calls, an Offender Account needs to be created. Family members must contact Elkhart Jail to obtain the necessary inmate ID for setup.


Throughout this guide, we have navigated the intricate operations of the Elkhart County Jail, detailing the steps essential for conducting an inmate search, understanding visitation rights, communications processes, and the various ways to support inmates. These elements are crucial for maintaining connections between inmates and their loved ones, reinforcing the importance of rehabilitation programs, and ensuring the well-being of those within the facility. The availability of resources such as the Elkhart County Sheriff’s Office inmate lookup service and the array of communication and support methods highlights the facility’s commitment to transparency and rehabilitation.

The comprehensive overview offered here not only serves as a vital tool for friends and families of inmates but also underscores the broader implications of these practices for the field of corrections and community reintegration. By facilitating communication, providing educational and employment programs, and ensuring humane conditions, the Elkhart County Jail exemplifies a multifaceted approach to correctional services. These efforts bear significant potential for reducing recidivism and aiding the successful reintegration of inmates into society, thereby contributing to the overall safety and well-being of our communities.


1. How can I find an inmate in Indiana’s jails? To locate an inmate in Indiana, you can access the Indiana Offender Database Search online or contact the Indiana Department of Corrections directly. This service is available to the public at no cost.

2. What is the correct way to send mail to an inmate in Elkhart County Jail? When sending mail to an inmate in Elkhart County Jail, ensure that you clearly print the inmate’s name and ID number on the outside of the envelope or postcard. Failing to do so may lead to the mail being lost or sent to the wrong person. Additionally, you can send electronic messages and photos instantly via www.jailATM.com.

3. What steps should I take to post bail for someone in Elkhart County Jail? To post bail for an inmate at Elkhart County Jail, visit the jail lobby at the Elkhart Correctional Complex, located at 26861 C.R. 26 Elkhart, IN 46517. There is no need for an appointment, and bail is processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

4. How do I arrange a visit with an inmate at Elkhart County Jail? To visit an inmate at Elkhart County Jail, you must first register and receive approval. You can complete the registration form online or in the jail’s lobby, where you will be provided with a login and password. After registration, you can schedule a visitation appointment either online or at the facility.