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Milton Augustine Williams Jr.: Personal Life, Career, and More

Milton Augustine Williams Jr. is mostly known as the father of American music educator, Vanessa Williams.


Milton Augustine Williams Jr. was born on October 10, 1935, in Oyster Bay, New York, United States, to Milton Augustine Williams Sr. and Helen Tinch. He has two children; Chris Williams, Vanessa Williams.



Milton Augustine Williams Jr. was a revered music teacher for 43 years. He was also a musician and composer.

Personal Life

Milton Augustine Williams Jr. got married to his wife Helen Tinch in the late 1950s. They met while attending Fredonia State Teachers College in the late 1950s and they both went on to become elementary school music teachers.

Unfortunately, Milton passed away on January 17, 2003 at the age of 67.

His Daughter, Vanessa Williams

American powerhouse Vanessa Lynn Williams was born in 1963 and has worked in music, acting, modeling and dance. Her career trajectory reflects her talent, resilience and unwavering spirit.

Williams was brought up in a New York musical household. Her parents – Milton Augustine Williams Jr. and Helen Tinch – were both music educators who encouraged her to play from a young age. Vanessa’s talent grew in school productions and her high school yearbook quote “See you on Broadway” hinted at her future career.

A performing arts scholarship got her into Syracuse University. But the lure of New York City professional opportunities were too great, and she left Syracuse.

The first African-American woman to be Miss America was Vanessa Williams in 1983. Her reign was however cut short. Her old nude photos appeared in Penthouse magazine without her permission. The title was revoked after Williams gave in under tremendous pressure and public scrutiny.

That event marked a difficult chapter in Williams’ life but it did not define her. She channeled her strength into music.

Williams released her self-titled debut album in 1988 with the hit Save the Best for Last. It became a multi-platinum album featuring her powerful vocals and stage presence.

Williams has won numerous Grammy nominations and released albums in pop, RnB and even Christmas music. Hits like “Dreamin’ ” and “Colors of the Wind” established her as a chart-topper.

But Vanessa Williams is more than just a musician. She has made it in television and film. Audiences know her as Wilhelmina Slater, the demanding fashion editor in the hit series Ugly Betty. Williams ‘comedic timing and fierce presence earned her critical acclaim and Emmy nominations.

She also has played roles in films such as Eraser with Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Disney musical the Wiz. Onstage she has played roles including “Sondheim on Sondheim” and “Into the Woods.”

Vanessa Williams has amassed more than USD 25 million through her varied career.

Three times she has been married with four children. Now, Williams is married to Jim Skrip, with whom she keeps up her entertainment career.

Vanessa Williams’ story is about overcoming obstacles and expectations. And she has navigated the murky waters of the entertainment business with grace and determination – and left her mark on music, television and film.