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Emilia Clarke’s Net Worth: How Much Has She Made in Her Career?

This article delves into the net worth and life of Emilia Clarke. Keep reading till the end to find out all you need to know about her.

Early Life and Education

Born in London in 1986, Emilia Clarke discovered acting early. A trip to the theater with her mother at age three ignited a lifelong interest in performance. Her primary schooling is unknown but her artistic side developed during childhood. She performed in school plays in her childhood.

Clarke studied at the Drama Centre London after leaving secondary school. Her skill and talent set her on a journey from London stages to Westeros.

Net Worth

Emilia Clarke is worth USD 20 million. This is a reflection of her meteoric rise to fame as Daenerys Targaryen, the Mother of Dragons, and in the global phenomenon Game of Thrones (GOT).


Factors That Contribute to Emilia Clarke’s Net Worth

Here are some of the factors that have helped boost her financial success.

The Dragon’s Den: A Golden Opportunity

Clarke found herself in 2011 playing Daenerys Targaryen in GOT. The showrunners liked Clarke’s audition tape and undeniable screen presence despite stiff competition from established actresses. Even though her initial salary figures for season one were not huge, her contract probably called for major increases as the show became more popular. By the later seasons, GOT was a worldwide phenomenon, and Clarke and her co-stars reportedly received larger salaries per episode. This show probably drove her financial success.

Beyond Westeros: Expanding the Portfolio

While GOT made Clarke a pop culture history maker, she has worked on projects outside Westeros. She’s starred in several feature films, most recently “Me Before You” (2016) and “Solo: The Movie” (2014), A Star Wars Story (2018). These lead roles probably paid big bucks, and showed her versatility as an actress beyond Daenerys.

Stage Presence & Brand Deals – Diversifying the Income Streams

Beyond film and television Clarke is returning to her theatrical roots. Her West End credits include “The Breakfast Club” (2018). Although not as lucrative as lead film roles, stage acting allows Clarke to try something new and potentially make more money. And she’s done brand deals and endorsements.

Smart Investments and Calculated Choices

While specifics details on Clarke’s specific investments are private, one could safely say that she has invested wisely to secure her future. Real estate or other investments probably help her out financially.

Living a Private Life

Clarke is very private about her personal life despite her fame. There are no reports of extravagant spending habits, suggesting a focus on financial responsibility as well as pleasure from her work.


Emilia Clarke has a huge net worth because of her talent, dedication and ability to seize opportunities. From her role as Daenerys Targaryen to acting credits and brand partnerships, Clarke has built a successful career. One thing is certain, she is leaving a legacy that extends beyond her time.