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Who is Glenis Duggan Batley – Juliette Lewis’ Mother?

Glenis Duggan Batley is a figure respected and known for being the mother of Juliette Lewis. Her influence in the upbringing and grooming of her daughter to succeed in her professional career is noticed and spoken of.

Glenis is the mother of Juliette Lewis. Her daughter is an American singer and actress and was the ex-wife of actor Geoffrey Lewis. Here is what we know so far about Glenis Duggan Batley.

Biography of Glenis Duggan

Glenis is an American celebrity ex-wife of actor Geoffrey Lewis. She was born in the United States but she had a tough upbringing as she grew up in a humble background, but she worked to change the story.

Although Glenis has opted for a private life, there are some details available about her. For instance, we know that she was very dedicated during her young years and even at school. Her determination saw her graduate with different honors and opened the path to a successful career.


Glenis has established her career as a graphics designer, and although her marriage and daughter have given her the limelight, she has pursued the entertainment industry as her career.

Moreover, Glenis has received different awards in her career. She was awarded the Design Week Award in 2004. She was also awarded the D&AD Award in 2007. All these awards are proof that although she has a celebrity status because of her marriage and daughter, she is also a hardworking person.

Glenis has taken her career further to pursue teaching graphic design to others. She has taught at the University of the Arts London. She also taught at the Royal College of Art. For Glenis, she got other opportunities to solidify her career. A good example is when she was appointed to the UK Design Council in 2017. The appointment saw her become the first female graphic designer to hold such a position.

Glenis Duggan Batley’s Relationship

We’ve already mentioned that Glenis is the celebrity ex-wife of Glenis Duggan Batley, but we haven’t shared more information about her relationship and marriage. Glenis and actor Geoffrey Lewis married on October 5, 1973.

Their marriage welcomed three children: Lightfield, Juliette, and Brandy Lewis. Her ex-husband was an American actor born on July 31, 1935. His involvement in film and Television gave him fame that spread even to his family.

However, Glenis divorced his husband in 1975, but their short marriage time gave them children who have gone above and beyond to create their legacies.

Children of Glenis Duggan Batley

Glenis has three children from her marriage to Geoffrey Lewis. Each child has created their oath and is a grown-up. Lightfield Lewis is also an actor and a director. Brandy also joined film production, while Juliette, who is the most popular among the children, is an American actress and singer.

Juliette has appeared in many projects that feature dark themes. She joined the American cinema industry in the 1990s, and since then, she has been a popular name and face. It’s through her reputation that her mother has been further pushed into the spotlight.