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Rupert Farrington Biography and life history

Rupert Farrington is the son of Suzanne Farrington and the grandson of Vivien Leigh. The celebrity status has rolled down from his grandmother’s time, and her mother helped to push Rupert into the limelight. Rupert is one of the three children of his mother, and by reading this post, you will understand more about him and his family.

Biography of Rupert Farrington


Rupert Farrington is one of the children of Suzanne Farrington and Robin Farrington. He is the sibling of Jonathan and Neville Farrington. Rupert is also the grandson of Vivien Leigh.

Rupert was born on August 31, 1962, and his reputation is because of the family legacy. His grandmother was an actress, and his mother followed in her footsteps, making Rupert a celebrity kid. As for Rupert’s father, nothing much is known about him to push him into the spotlight.

Education, Career, and Personal Life

We’ve researched Rupert Farrington, but unfortunately, he has kept a private life. His educational background is unknown, and we don’t know any educational institution he joined. Still, Rupert has kept details about his personal life private. His relationship, family, and children are unknown.

As for Rupert’s career, he hasn’t followed in his grandmother’s footsteps. Nonetheless, even his career remains unknown. We also don’t have any facts on how much income he makes or what sources of income he has. Therefore, even knowing his net worth remains a challenge.

Who is Rupert Farrington’s Mother?

Rupert, as mentioned earlier, is the son of Suzanne Farrington Holman. His mother was born on October 12, 1933, in Marylebone, London. She is the daughter of Vivien Leigh and Herbert Leigh Holman.

Notably, Suzanne’s mother got her when she was 19 and was only married to Suzanne’s father for less than a year. Moreover, Suzanne’s birth was premature, and her mother had complications. Suzanne was the only child in the family, and this placed her in the spotlight of her mother’s reputation.

Suzanne’s mother later got married to Laurence Olivier and the family lived together happily. Suzanne obtained her education at Sherborne School for Girls and joined the Royal Academy of Dramatic for two years.

Suzanne was hoping to make a career in acting at that time but failed to continue with her pursuit. After her mother died, Suzanne received custody of all her estates and letters, including photographs, contracts, and diaries.

Still, after her father died, Suzanne once more inherited her father’s Zeals house, and through the inheritance, Suzanne managed to acquire wealth. However, she also died in Lower Zeals on March 1, 2015, aged 81. Her children, including Rupert Farrington, are keeping the family’s reputation alive.

Who is Rupert Farrington’s Grandmother?

Vivien Leigh is the grandmother of Rupert Farrington. She was born on November 5, 1913. Vivien was a British actress, and her career saw her win different awards, including the Academy Award for Best Actress.

Vivien was born in British India, and she had only one child. Throughout her career, she was involved in different films that solidified her career and reputation until her death on July 8, 1967.