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Discover Gorilla Glue Founder Net Worth, Mark Singer

Gorilla Glue is an American brand that has changed the construction sector. Gorilla Glue has been in existence for over three decades, and it continues to make its presence known, especially in offering an authentic glue that does not fail to work even on damp surfaces.

Mark Singer founded the Gorilla Glue Company. Although he does not own the company currently, he remains an influential figure who has evolved the construction sector, especially in the usage of glue on wood, stone, glass, and other materials.

Who is Gorilla Glue’s Founder?

Mark Singer is the founder of Gorilla Glue. The entrepreneur was on a tour in Indonesia in 1994 when he came across a Danish-made polyurethane glue used in teal furniture. Mark was amazed at the qualities of the glue, which made it more effective compared to other types of glue.

Upon Singer’s return to the United States in 1994, he formed Gorilla Glue giving it the brand name. At the same time, Singer acquired North American rights for the glue from the Danish manufacturer.

What is Gorilla Glue Founder’s Net Worth?

Gorilla Glue Founder Mark Singer is among the notable millionaires who have minted their millions from businesses. As of 2024, Mark Singer’s net worth is approximately 300 million.

While Mark Singer is not the owner of the company in 2024, he is the Chairman and CEO of the Gorilla Glue Company, indicating he still owns some shares.

Besides Singer founding Gorilla Glue, he has worked in the wood industry for nearly sixty years, which has generated much net worth, enabling him to enjoy life.

In a book written by the Gorilla Glue funder Mark Singer, he reveals that he now enjoys the luxury of living to work instead of working to live. Despite finding success now, he has had many life lessons.

How Mark Singer Founded Gorilla Glue

Mark Singer started working as a carpenter when he was ten years old. His father had a small woodshop in their basement, and he started spending time in the basement, learning to design wood.

When Mark was working on outdoor designs, he realized there was no good glue for the work. As a result, he spent time researching the best Glue that could make his work effective.

Singer discovered a moist-cured polyurethane glue made by a Danish company. He found it effective and asked the company to make small changes. After that, the inventor acquired rights for North America and other territories, which is how Gorilla Glue began.

Singer created the company logo and name, and Gorilla Glue started working. After running the company for a few years, he did not want to spend little time designing and making furniture.

As a result, Mark Singer sold Gorilla Glue to Cincinnati owners, who have grown the company a hundred times. Singer enjoys designing, explaining why he chose to focus as a furniture designer, metalworker, woodworker, and owner of other companies.

Additionally, he has continued to inspire others by writing a book named “Heartwood: Lessons Learned During a Lifetime Working with Wood.”