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Kevin Durkin’s Net Worth, Biography, and Career

Kevin Durkin’s net worth is due to his shares in Matrix Service Co. stock. He has traded in the stock for over 15 years, and as the Vice President of Matrix Service Co., it’s understandable that you are curious to know more about his net worth while learning more about his career and biography. Well, you are lucky, as this post shares all the insights you need to know about Kevin Durkin.

Biography of Kevin Durkin

Kevin A. Durkin was born around 1966. Details about Kevin’s childhood are unknown, but for his education, he attended California State University, where he acquired a Bachelor of Arts in BA in Marketing. Kevin was motivated to handle business operations, and his determination eventually paid off.

Kevin is the Vice President of Matrix Service Co. He is also the Strategy Officer and Chief of Business Development of the Company. Kevin has grown with the company, and his shares in the company have gradually grown his wealth over the years.

Kevin Durkin’s Career

Kevin has held his three roles in the company since August 2020. Before that, he held other smaller roles. For instance, between 1989 and 2003, Kevin was the Manager of the Small Cap Division. After that, he was promoted to Manager, Business Development from 2003 to 2004.

Between 2004 and 2008, Kevin was made the Construction Division Manager. From June 2008 to September 2019, Kevin served as the Vice President of Business Development. Kevin was then promoted to Senior Vice President of Business Development and Strategy for the company from 2019 to August 2020.

Since 2020, he has landed the role of Vice President and Chief Business Development and Strategy Officer, which he holds until now. Based on his career history, it’s evident that Kevin has focused more on the Matrix Service, and all the years that he has held different roles must have given him some good salary or other payment forms to add to his wealth.

Kevin Durkin’s Trades and Net Worth

Notably, Kevin owns shares in Matrix Service Co stock. Over the period from 2021, he made 9 trades. For instance, on March 22, 2024, Kevin sold stocks worth $51,246, 3,900 units of the stock.

His largest trade was selling stocks worth $81,520 in 2021. Kevin is known to only have one stock, Matrix Service Co. As the Vice President of the company, among other roles, Kevin believes in the company and chooses to invest only in it.

As of 2024, Kevin has about 72,231 units, which are approximately worth $881,941. Kevin has held on to the company’s shares for 15 years, and his efforts have paid off. So, when talking about his net worth, we can only calculate it based on the total shares he holds and their worth.

Kevin hasn’t shared any details about his investment ventures besides his stocks. Therefore, we can only assume that his net worth is $881,941.