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Harold Wadlow Jr’s Biography and Family

Harold Wadlow Jr was the son of Harold Wadlow and Addie Johnson. However, what made him famous was being the brother of Robert Wadlow. His brother Robert went down the history and Guinness Book of Records for being one of the tallest men ever. Harold’s brother even earned the titles “Alton Giant” and the “Giant of Illinois.”

Harold Wadlow was Robert Wadlow’s remaining brother, but he also died in 2000, closing the chapter of the Wadlow brothers. However, this post shares more insights about the Wadlow family, especially about the Alton Giant and his relationship with Harold Wadlow Jr.

Who Was Robert Wadlow?

Harold Wadlow Jr was an American born in Illinois on August 12, 1932. He was the son of Harold Franklin Wadlow Sr and Addie May Wadlow. Wadlow Jr grew up alongside his four siblings, including Helen Upchurch, Robert Wadlow, Betty Jean Brda, and Eugene Harold Wadlow.

Harold Wadlow Jr was also a father and husband. He was married to Kimma Ann Wadlow, and the couple had two children, Lisa and Kim. In a public interview, Harold Wadlow Jr talked about how close he was to his brother Robert Wadlow.

He mentioned that his brother was very gentle, and even when he went out and about, he would always come with gifts for his siblings. Additionally, he talked about how Robert treated him like a King even though their heights were incomparable.

Harold also mentioned how he initially refrained from talking about his brother, but after his story became a big thing as people sought more information about him, that’s when he started opening up. Harold also talked about how his children were eager to hear more about their uncle, and friends at school kept asking them to share more about him.

Harold Wadlow Jr’s Death

Harold visited his brother’s statue in August 2000, paused for a picture, and gave a public interview to share more information about him. His brother’s story was worth talking about. However, Harold died the same year on New Year’s Eve, and according to his wish, he was buried next to his brother Robert Wadlow.

Meet Robert Wadlow Jr’s Brother

The Giant of Illinois was born in Alton, Illinois, on February 22, 1918. He was the oldest of the children in his family and the tallest man in his family and worldwide at that time. Surprisingly, Robert showed signs of incredible height at his young age.

He was born with a height of 0.55m and as months went by, he quickly scaled his height and it became clear that he was blessed with extraordinary height. By age 22, Robert had a height of 2.72m and earned different titles, including “The Tallest Man Who Ever Lived.”

His height made him famous, especially after he went on a U.S. tour, appearing on different shows alongside the Ringling Brothers Circus. Robert worked as an advertiser because his height caught everyone’s attention.

Unfortunately, he died in his sleep, aged 22 years, on July 15, 1940. His death was sad news as the Giant of Illinois had fallen, never to awake. However, his legacy is still talked about, as his extraordinary height is still unbelievable to many.